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Los Angeles – February 20, 2014 – Bodega Premium Blends @BodegaCigars today announced their support of ICON MANN™ and the 2nd Annual pre-Oscar event. ICON MANN™ is the leading lifestyle media company “championing the accomplishments and positive dialog surrounding the Diaspora of Black men.” Their impressive list of luminaries span from Award-winning actors/directors/musicians to Fortune 500 businessmen including numerous premiere Cultural Artistes, Media Moguls and Technology Entrepreneurs.

One of the many goals of ICON MANN™, according to its founding partner and CEO, Tamara N. Houston is to “recognize men from multiple countries and a wide array of industries who are using their tremendous professional success to advance the lives of others, be it communities, or nations in some meaningful way. ICON MANN™ does not specify how this is done or have allegiance to any specific organization for their participation. ICON MANN™ only mandates that our men are involved to great affect so that the measure of success throughout the Diaspora is synonymous with one’s philanthropic commitment.”

ICON MANN™ pre-Academy Awards (Oscar) celebratory dinner will mark the inaugural relationship between the two. Comments Rob Mariani, BPB co-founder, “Bodega’s Reunión Aperitvo and Digestivo blend combination marries itself perfectly to ICON MANN’s very essence: Culture and Fellowship.”

“We are extremely pleased to be ICON MANN’s companion partner for this Oscar event”, stated Bodega Premium Blends’ CEO Gino Domanico aka @Cigar_G. “The cigar industry is like no other. You are not divided by race, religion, social status or political views. Cigar enthusiasts share a bond that is second to none. We’re proud to be associated with these leaders of change”, adds Domanico.

Bodega Premium Blends ( is a Boutique Brand focused on offering only Premium, hand rolled Cigars. BPB’s mission is Investing in your Life’s moments.

ICON MANN™, a lifestyle media company with a purpose; to positively change the global dialog surrounding the Diaspora of Black men. Being the best at what you do places you on the list. How you consistently pay-it-forward puts you in the room.

Cigar Federation Announces First Cigar Release!!!


Cigar Federation announces the release of it’s first cigar The Collective.
The cigar was blended by Ezra Zion Cigar Company and manufactured in the Casa Fernandez
factory in Miami, Florida.
“New media has changed the cigar industry dramatically in the last few years. We feel it has
started a second cigar-boom, especially in the boutique arena. We wanted to make a cigar that
would pay tribute to that and The Collective project was born.” noted Kyle Hoover.
“Smoking this cigar is a completely interactive experience. By scanning the QR code on the
band when you light up will allow you to smoke the cigar with us via video. You’ll hear all about
how the cigar came to be, the blend, the process. It’s like we all came over to your house,
raided beer from your fridge and lit up the cigar with you.” said Chris Kelly.
The Collective is a micro-batch project and features a San Andres Cafe Claro wrapper over
binder and filler of Nicaraguan. Total production is 250 boxes of 20. The Collective comes in one
size, a 52×6.25 prensado box-press.
“We pulled out all the stops when we blended this cigar. The Collective features a wrapper leaf
that has never been used. We kind of invented it. We call it a San Andres Cafe Claro. Obviously,
there are a lot of cigars that use San Andres, but our processing of the leaf is what makes it
unique. The filler contains a substantial amount of the ultra-rare medio tiempo leaf. It’s very
expensive filler leaf, but it had the flavor we wanted and took the cigar into the stratosphere.”
added Hoover.
The Collective is a full bodied, medium strength cigar. Flavors include chai tea, sweet woodsy
notes, dark leather, hints of anise, and an ultra-clean finish.
“When the Ezra guys sent us some samples of this blend to try out, it blew us away. When they
told us they wanted to do it to highlight the new media contribution to the cigar industry, we were honored! As a reviewer, TV host, and all around cigar geek, it’s nice to have someone take the time to recognize your efforts, and with a great cigar no less.” said Rob Rasmussen, Cigar
Federation co-General Manager.
“As a General Manger of Cigar Federation I can tell you that we will continue striving to innovate
and not be bound by conventional ways of doing things. All of the things that make the cigar
lifestyle awesome, we will continue to include in Cigar Federation. We refuse to be stereotyped.
We refuse to be censored. You don’t put baby in a corner!” added Logan Lawler.
The Collective is available exclusively on the Cigar Federation Online Cigar Store. Pre-order of
The Collective will be made available to Cigar Federation members on February 10 at 3pm CST.
The Collective will be made available for sale to the general public at the Virtual Herf launch
party on February 18 at 7pm CST on Cigar Federation.
For more information visit Cigar Federation.

Drew Estate & Corona Cigar Company Announce “Drew Estate Lounge”

Drew Estate Logo
Drew Estate & Corona Cigar Company Announce “Drew Estate Lounge”
Miami, FL
February 11, 2014
Drew Estate announced today their plans to open the first official “Drew Estate Lounge” at the Corona Cigar Company Sand Lake, FL location. This momentous news was met with much excitement from both the Drew Estate and Corona Cigar camps.
When asked to describe his relationship with Drew Estate, Jeff Borysiewicz, owner of Corona Cigar
Company, said, “Since the infancy of both Corona Cigar Company and Drew Estate, Jon, Marvin, and I
have not only had a close business relationship, but a long personal relationship built on trust, respect
and an incredible passion for all things cigars. Drew Estate and its entire team, both in the U.S. and
Nicaragua, are incredibly talented and we are proud of our long standing relationship with them.”
The Drew Estate Lounge in Corona Cigar Company’s Sand Lake headquarters is currently being
remodeled with a significant but undisclosed investment, featuring an entirely new full liquor bar area,
complete with an incredible selection of Bourbon, Single Malt Scotch, Dark Rums and
Two new community tables will add additional seating and a place for cigar enthusiasts to gather
with fellow aficionados. Drew Estate and their stable of cigar brands will be tastefully displayed
throughout the lounge via custom art, custom furniture, unique ashtrays and other eclectic items that
Drew Estate’s Nicaraguan artists will create. In addition to the branded Drew Estate Lounge, Corona Cigar Company will be working with Drew Estate creating a series of unique, limited edition, lounge
exclusive offerings of Liga Privada, Undercrown, Natural, Tabak Especial, Nica Rustica and Herrera Esteli cigars, available in summer 2014. Drew Estate cofounder and namesake, Jonathan Drew, had this story to tell about the first time he
met Borysiewicz:
“It was 3 A.M. on some random day in 1999 when Jeff Borysiewicz walked by our little
factory in Estelí, Nicaragua and saw us working, prepping the boxes for the release of the “Natural by
DE” line. Half the factory had no roof; we were drinking borrowed
iced tea while we placed bands on each cigar ourselves. Jeff told me that he respected our hard work and humility. We probably should have jumped him for his cash to finish up the factory roof! Hahahahahahahaha
well, the rest is history.”

Drew Estate & Corona Cigar Company Announce “Drew Estate Lounge”
When asked why Drew Estate chose Corona Cigar, Drew Estate cofounder Marvin Samel said that,
“I consider Corona Cigar Company to be Drew Estate’s home away from home. Every December,
Jonathan [Drew] and I get together with Jeff [owner of Corona Cigar], his wife Tanya, t
heir family, store manager Angel, his extremely talented staff, and consumers for a year
end celebration.
It is here that I tend to become most nostalgic and emotional, reconnecting with consumers who have returned to this
annual event for over 10 years now.”
Marvin continued, “What a way to end each year, surrounded by family and friends who have
embraced our mantra, ‘The Rebirth Of Cigars’, from the beginning!
The fact that Corona has the largest selection of Drew Estate products cemented our decision th
at Corona Cigar Company’s Sand Lake location would become the very first Drew Estate Lounge.”
To stay up to date on the progress of the first Drew Estate Lounge, visit

Miami Cigar Company 25th Anniversary Humidor

Miami Cigar & Sirena Seal

For Immediate Release
MIAMI, FL – Twenty-five years ago Nestor and Mariana Miranda began distributing cigars
out of the trunk of their car, visiting accounts that Nestor had built relationships with
through his many years in the liquor business. Never in their wildest dreams would they
have thought that twenty-five years later their hard work and dedication would translate
into one of the nations largest premium cigar distributors.
To commemorate this accomplishment Miami Cigar & Company has decided to release a
limited edition 25th Anniversary Humidor containing cigars from the two factories that
have helped them reach this milestone.“ We are very excited to be working with La Aurora
and My Father Cigars on this project”, said Jason Wood, Miami Cigar’s Vice President,
“Twenty-five years would not have been possible without the help of the Leon and Garcia
families and we thank them for that.”
This piano-finished humidor has the capacity for 75 cigars. It will contain 20 Toro sized
cigars, each packaged in their own individual coffin. The individual cigar will have a
secondary band denoting its country of origin. Total production on this limited release will
be 500 humidors set to hit the US market mid-March.
“I feel privileged to be a part of this historic milestone” said Wood. “What the Miranda’s
have been able to accomplish is something that I can only hope to duplicate in the 25 years
to come. They have provided us with the blueprint, now with the help of everyone at Miami
Cigar, we look forward to an amazing run continuing their legacy.”
About Miami Cigar & Company
Miami Cigar & Company, founded in 1989, is the worldwide owner/distributor of Tatiana,
Nestor Miranda, Casa Miranda, Anoranzas and Don Lino lines of cigars. They are also the
exclusive US distributor for La Aurora brands. They can found on the web at


Drew Estate and Royal Gold…

Drew Estate LogoPress Release
Drew Estate and Royal Gold Cigars Announce NIRVANA
Miami, FL, February 5, 2014: Royal Gold Cigars has partnered with renowned cigar
manufacturer Drew Estate for their latest premium, hand-rolled cigar release, NIRVANA CAMEROON SELECTION. The new cigar features a luscious, light-brown, Rosado wrapper grown in the Eastern province of Cameroon, Africa. The wrapper is grown by small farmers who, when it’s time to cure the tobacco, clear an area of land and construct a rustic curing barn. This completely natural process translates into a leaf almost devoid of disease and also produces some of the best tasting Cameroon leaf in the world. The origin of the Cameroon seed varietal is Sumatra Indonesia, which has been grown in Africa for over 60 years. The balance of the blend consists of fillers from Nicaragua, specifically Jalapa and Estelí, along with
a portion from the Jamastran region of Honduras. The binder is San Andreas tobacco from Mexico.
When reached for comment, Drew Estate co-founder Marvin Samel responded from their Miami
office stating that, “the beauty behind the Nirvana blend is the combination of Cameroon wrapper and Nicaraguan filler leaves. Cameroon leaf is from Africa and is known for its sweetness and a natural sweet spice taste. Blending the strength, body, and richness of the Nicaraguan tobacco with the Cameroon allows a nuanced & layered depth to really come through. This is not an old fashioned mild Cammy. Quite the contrary.”
Co-founder and company namesake Jonathan Drew stated, “Nirvana is extremely important to
Drew Estate Tobacco Company for a variety of reasons. First, Nirvana will join our product lineup as one of only two brands that we produce for strategic partners. Second, our relationship with Alex Goldman is akin to that of a brother. When he hurts, we hurt. When he succeeds, our hearts are filled with pride. The brand Nirvana is a long-term relationship that begins with the Cammy Selection. Testing and
experimenting with different blends, different algorithms of leaf and concept – is the beauty of creation. We have a lifetime to learn together. Nirvana will be that common space and bond between DE and Royal Gold. We will deliver something beautiful that proves itself over time. We are in no rush.”

Drew Estate and Royal Gold Cigars Announce NIRVANA
The new NIRVANA line is offered in five sizes, including a 6×46 Corona Gorda, 5×52 Robusto, 6×52 Toro, 6×54 Torpedo, and finally a 4×44 size called the “Silencio”. The line will be available exclusively through Royal Gold Cigars distribution network. The first shipment of NIRVANA will be shipped in unique, limited edition, wooden display boxes featuring beautiful silk screen graphics. The cigars are produced at Drew Estate’s La Gran Fabrica in Estelí, Nicaragua. The facility currently produces 95,000 hand-rolled cigars per day, without the assistance of any machines. The factory is known for their other highly-praised lines, including Herrera Esteli, Liga Privada, Undercrown, ACID Cigars by Drew Estate, and many more.
When asked about the new partnership with Royal Gold Cigars and Drew Estate, company
president Michael Cellucci shared his excitement. “We have worked with Alex (Goldman) for years and have always been close friends. This new venture allowed us to collaborate on a project we are both proud of and both committed to.” Royal Gold Cigars president Alex Goldman stated that, “When I started Royal Gold at the beginning
of 2013, my vision was to work with the best blenders and factories in the world to create our brands. Of course, Drew Estate was right at the top of the list. The talent and creativity of the Drew Estate team, combined with all the resources that Royal Gold, its parent company, and my own history in the cigar business, allowed us to create a truly special blend. The limited nature of the Cameroon wrapper will not allow us to produce all the cigars that we feel the market will demand, but you can be sure that neither Drew Estate nor Royal Gold will trade quality for quantity – we will keep the production limited to ensure the best possible product is delivered to our consumers. Both the Royal Gold and Drew Estate names
and logos appear on the packaging, and as such we will always stand behind the quality of this product.
This is just the first brand of what I hope will be a long term collaboration between Royal Gold Cigars and
Drew Estate”
Information on ordering NIRVANA Cigars can be obtained from Royal Gold Cigars by telephone at
800 524 4406, by email at, or on the web at www.royalgoldcigars.

Nirvana Nirvana Box

Nomad Cigar Company releases two new S-307 sizes!

Nomad Cigar Company Releases Two New S-307 Sizes

Estelí, Nicaragua (Jan 6, 2014) – Nomad Cigar Company is pleased to announce the release of two additional sizes to the S-307 cigar line.

The S-307, a box pressed Sumatra wrapped cigar, was originally released in late 2013 in three sizes and enjoyed significant success from the start – landing on several “Best of 2013” lists.

The initial sizes in 2013 were:

Toro (6×50)
Robusto (5×50) and
Torpedo (6 1/2 x 52)

The two new 2014 sizes available in the S-307 line are:

6 x 58 and

Corona (5.5 x 44)

“I am really excited about the response to the S-307 and glad to provide two additional sizes in the line. With quality tobacco, five different size choices, and a great price point, I feel that we hit the target on this line,” said Rewey.

Nomad Cigar Company launched in 2012 with four sizes of classic hand rolled Dominican cigars and quickly grew the [DR] line to seven sizes. In January 2013 founder Fred Rewey ventured to Nicaragua; blending and creating the Estelí Lot 1386 and the S-307.

The S-307 is Nomad’s first “full production” Nicaraguan cigar. It was blended and produced at Tabacalera AJ Fernandez. The “S” in the name stands for “Sumatra” while the “307” is in reference to the approximate square miles of Estelí, Nicaragua.

Both new sizes (as well as the original sizes) are in stock and shipping immediately.


Fred “Godfadr” Rewey, Nomad Cigar Company

Twitter: @Godfadr

Phone: 855-MYNOMAD (or 855-696-6623)

Ezra Zion Cigars announces FHK release!

December 2013


Ezra Zion Cigar Company, makers of #1 Cigar of the Year 2013 Tantrum and the #1 Cigar of the year 2012 Jamais Vu, announces it’s newest cigar release FHK.

FHK has just arrived in the United States and is officially available at 12:00am, January 1, 2014.

“We know it’s symbolic and somewhat tongue-in-cheek but we wanted to ring in the New Year
by launching this project that’s been in the works for so long. It’ll be the first cigar in the world released in 2014.” noted co-owner Chris Kelly.!

The FHK will be available in 4 vitolas: a 5.5×50 “Inspired” robusto, a 44×7 “Truth” lancero gordo,
a 54×7 “Stature” corona gorda, and a 52×6 “Character” belicoso.

“We had two goals with the FHK. We wanted to use unique tobaccos from several different countries and we wanted to leverage our buying position to offer a lower price-point than our
other lines.” added Chris Kelly.

FHK retails for $9.00 for the robusto and lancero sizes and $10.00 for the corona gorda and belicoso. Tobaccos used in the blend include a San Andres wrapper, Indonesian, Brazilian, and Nicaragauan binder and filler.

“This is an amazing cigar! It reminds me of a creamy dark malty micro-brew. The blend continually intrigues me every time I smoke it. I think it’s our best cigar yet.” said Hoover.

For more information please visit

La Sirena Cigars

La Sirena and Miami Cigar

Press Release



NEW YORK, NY – December 12, 2013- Following a successful three-year partnership with Miami Cigar & Company, La Sirena Cigars will become independently owned and operated by Arielle Ditkowich as of December 31st, 2013. Ditkowich will remain at the helm, continuing to produce new and exciting blend profiles. Arielle is excited for La Sirena’s continued growth and looks forward to 2014 projects, industry shows and travelling to retail events.


Ditkowich is extremely grateful for everything Nestor Miranda and the entire Miami team has taught her during their partnership and will always look at the Miranda family as an extension of her own. “Miami [Cigar & Company] saw the potential in me to create a boutique brand in a challenging business dominated by men. We worked tirelessly to create distinct blends that appeal to aficionados looking for something unique” Said Ditkowich.


Distribution of La Sirena and Merlion Cigars will remain under the Miami Cigar & Co. umbrella until December 31st, 2013. Starting January 1st, 2014 distribution will be handled by La Sirena. La Sirena Cigars will continue to work with the Garcia Family at My Father Cigars and Guillermo Leon at La Aurora Cigars to make the current Sirena and Merlion Blends respectively.


La Sirena Cigars will be announcing more exciting updates, find out first by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @lasirenacigars


La Sirena Cigars was founded in 2009 by Arielle Ditkowich in partnership with Nestor Miranda of Miami Cigar & Co. The La Sirena Original blend, available in six vitolas debuted in 2009 and is rolled in Nicaragua at My Father Cigar Factory. The brand followed up with its second release in 2012, The Merlion, created by La Aurora in the Dominican Republic with the medium bodied, full flavored smoker in mind. La Sirena brand cigars are distributed nationwide and available at over 300 retail stores.

Bodega Cigars Launch Event


New York, New York  – December 2, 2013 – Bodega Premium Blends (@Cigar_G @BodegaCigars) is excited to announce the official launch event of their signature line: Reunión. Reunión features two distinctive yet complementary blends: Aperitivo and Digestivo. It’s designed to give the cigar enthusiast two experiences in one box.


On Wednesday evening December 4th, 2013, the beautiful Nat Sherman Townhouse, on 42nd Street NYC, will be the venue for the official release of the Reunión 20 cigar count box containing 10 each of Aperitivo and Digestivo offered in three vitolas:


Toro 6 x 52

Double Robusto 5 x 54

Corona Gorda5.5 x 46


“With the launch event, we hope to re-create the true Reunión experience,” said chief Brand officer Ron Plante. “We want to share our brand philosophy and share our journey”.


Stephane Barjolin, co-founder and chief Relationship officer, added “We will be pairing the Aperitivo with some of our favorite spirits, then, after enjoying some food, we’ll get a chance to finish the night off with the Digestivo. We’ve also hired a barista to try our Reunión offerings with some of our favorite coffees.”


Gary Griffith, owner of House of Emilio, confirmed that Reunión will be landing at their warehouses during the second week of December and available at local brick and mortars before the holidays.


“As the ninth brand added to House of Emilio, Bodega Premium Blends finds itself in very good hands.” stated CEO Gino Domanico aka @Cigar_G. He added: “Gary’s business acumen is only surpassed by his task-oriented nature. Our distribution deal with House of Emilio let’s us focus on what we do best: blends, brands and promotion.”


G also confirmed that Reunión would be available online via Cigar Federation (


”We are also very proud to be launching Bodega’s official website on the same day as our launch event” reported chief Strategy officer and co-founder Rob Mariani.  The site ( will offer a ton of content related not only to everything Bodega but to the entire cigar lifestyle. “It truly cements our commitment to our brotherhood.  We want to engage people in a new way with fun, interactive tools and create a strong sense of community” added Mariani.


Bodega Premium Blends is a Boutique Brand focused on offering only Premium, hand rolled Cigars. Bodega Premium Blends is proud to invest in your life’s moments.


For further details please contact us at For any retail inquiries contact Nate McIntyre at House of Emilio

Follow us on Twitter: @BodegaCigars or @Cigar_G and ask for Reunión by name.


Bodega Cigars Launch


Estelí Nicaragua  – November 21, 2013 – Bodega Premium Blends ( @Cigar_G @BodegaCigars) is excited to announce the official release date of their first line: Reunión. Reunión features two different yet complimentary blends: Aperitivo and Digestivo. It’s designed to give the cigar enthusiast two experiences in one box.


Reunión Aperitivo is a proprietary blend from Nicaragua. With Habana wrapper from Jalapa region, this Nica Claro distinguishes itself from the Digestivo not only visually but also by its flavor profile. It’s a medium strength, medium body cigar characterized by black pepper, earthy and barnyard notes.


Meanwhile, a wrapper of Mexican origin dresses the Reunión Digestivo. Digestivo’s crowning exterior was born in the San Andres Valley. With the Digestivo, BPB has chosen to marry the rich Nicaraguan features of the filler and binder with the San Andreas Negro wrapper to achieve a more full body experience. It’s the perfect way to cap off a meal.


Launched in a 20 cigar count box containing 10 each of Aperitivo and Digestivo, Reunión is offered in three vitolas:


Toro 6 x 52

Double Robusto 5 x 54

Corona Gorda5.5 x 46


Stephane Barjolin, BPB co-founder, confirmed the year-end release date today while executing his final quality control tour in Estelí. As announced at IPCPR earlier this year, the House of Emilio will distribute Reunión. The Reunión line-up will be landing on U.S. soil in mid December and available at your local tobacconist shortly there after.

“After a two year long journey of tasting, excluding, qualifying and re-qualifying Blends, we couldn’t be happier with the final product” said Ron Plante, Chief Brand Officer.


“I can’t believe we’ve finally arrived. It’s the pinnacle of our journey. We believe in our concept, we believe in our product and it’s our way of giving back to our brotherhood.” stated CEO Gino Domanico aka @Cigar_G.


”We know the bulk of work remains. Our goal is to have as many members of our fraternity try Reunión. And we’re all up to the challenge.” added BPB CFO Rob Mariani.


Bodega Premium Blends is a Boutique Brand focused on offering only Premium, hand rolled Cigars. BPB is proud to invest in your Life’s moments.


For further details please contact us at For any retail inquiries contact Emilio Cigars at or call 1 800 552 2639.

Follow us on Twitter: @BodegaCigars or @Cigar_G and ask for Reunión by name.