Bodega Premium Blends Digestivo Cigar Review

Bodega Digestivo

If you’re a social media buff, especially twitter, you’ve definitely heard of this company and more likely its founders. Gino, (@Cigar_G) is a name you’ve probably heard and interacted with. I personally have had many interactions with him as well as the rest of the Bodega Family, which is also why I have a great amount of respect for this company. The family aspect. Their credo embraces the great philosophy that is a part of the cigar lifestyle. Read about it here. Read on for my experience with the Digestivo.


Bodega Premium Blends is a Canadian based company. The company’s cigars are under the distribution flag of the House of Emilio. Bodega Cigars are selling on the Cigar Federation Store.

Construction & Pre-light;

The cigar felt well packed from top to bottom. There were minimal veins, and hard to detect wrapper seams. The Digestivo consists of a Mexican San Andres Maduro wrapper, binder and fillers from Nicaragua. The cigar gave off a nice cocoa and earthy smell, with the foot consisting of cocoa, earth, and spice. A straight cut to the cap yielded much of the same flavors.


The Digestivo started out with a healthy dose of pepper, accompanied by notes of cocoa and a slight coffee presence. After the first initial puffs, the pepper mellowed into a nice milder kick. The cocoa and coffee notes were the main players. The cigar had a nice full profile going on.

The second third stayed true to the cocoa, yet presented in more of a dark chocolate form. The pepper was a tad “weaker,” for lack of a better word. An addition in this third was leather. It added a nice bold feel to an already bold cigar.

The final third kept up with the dark chocolate and leather. The pepper was strictly on the retrohale and almost gone all together. The Digestivo kept me interested to the last. Nubbing it was a must. At the nub I did feel that I detected a slight soft feel taking over the cigar but never proved to be anything troublesome.

Draw, Burn, & Ash;

The draw was effortless and produced a gorgeous amount of aromatic smoke.

The burn was fantastic. I can report one touch up, maybe two, but no relights at all.

The ash was strong and held firm. Nice and tight like G likes them. 😉


I love the whole idea behind an appetizer and after dinner cigar. I can’t say that I usually get the chance to do both but I sure won’t have a problem trying. if you want to look at it in order I started backwards, but its ok it goes with my personality I guess. The Digestivo was a flavorful, well constructed introduction to the line for me. Knowing the Bodega family’s passion for tasty cigars, food, and beverage I had high hopes. The Digestivo didn’t fail to meet my expectations. The whole experience encapsulated, for me, the idea behind Bodega’s philosophy of the lifestyle. Try them my friends, I don’t think you’ll disagree. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan

The Greek’s Scales Of Justice;

Final Score





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