Alec Bradley Prensado Robusto

The Prensado line by Alec Bradley is one that really needs no introduction. I also realize that it probably has been reviewed several times, but I love to talk about cigars that I enjoy. I should mention that this smoke is personally one that is a well balanced, “predictable” smoke. I only mention because if you were expecting to read about something that is extremely complex, I don’t want to disappoint you. This smoke is one of those that once you’ve had it, it becomes (for me) a regular smoke. Read on and enjoy!

Inspection reveals a semi box pressed smoke, that is a little veiny, with a dark oily wrapper. The foot gave off some earthy tones, a little spice, and coffee. The pre light gave off pretty much the same. With a straight easy cut I got to smoking…

The first third was what I expected. There were some earthy tones and coffee on the forefront. The spice I detected was more towards the finish and blended well. Retrohale amped up the spice a bit. The burn was pretty good. I expected to have to give a correction here and there but not yet. The ash was a dark gray and held on pretty strong. Each puff yielded a generous amount of thick smoke.

The second third didn’t offer too many changes. The coffee and earth stayed on the forefront, and the spice remained at the finish. A bit into the second third and I sensed the spice began to diminish. The attention shifted more to the earth and coffee. Burn has stayed great and the cigar kept an even temperature.

The final third kept the focus on the coffee and earth, with more emphasis on the earth. The spice has all but gone save a few traces here and there. At this point I needed one little lighter hit for a correction, but nothing major. The finish remained strong in the earthiness. From start to finish, this cigar kept true to it’s flavors. This is definitely one of my favorite smokes. I know that a lot of times we look for those sticks that surprise us here and there with flavor changes, but I also like to have a smoke where I know what to look forward to, and when in the mood I always look forward to this bad boy. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan


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