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Ezra Zion Cigars announces FHK release!

December 2013


Ezra Zion Cigar Company, makers of #1 Cigar of the Year 2013 Tantrum and the #1 Cigar of the year 2012 Jamais Vu, announces it’s newest cigar release FHK.

FHK has just arrived in the United States and is officially available at 12:00am, January 1, 2014.

“We know it’s symbolic and somewhat tongue-in-cheek but we wanted to ring in the New Year
by launching this project that’s been in the works for so long. It’ll be the first cigar in the world released in 2014.” noted co-owner Chris Kelly.!

The FHK will be available in 4 vitolas: a 5.5×50 “Inspired” robusto, a 44×7 “Truth” lancero gordo,
a 54×7 “Stature” corona gorda, and a 52×6 “Character” belicoso.

“We had two goals with the FHK. We wanted to use unique tobaccos from several different countries and we wanted to leverage our buying position to offer a lower price-point than our
other lines.” added Chris Kelly.

FHK retails for $9.00 for the robusto and lancero sizes and $10.00 for the corona gorda and belicoso. Tobaccos used in the blend include a San Andres wrapper, Indonesian, Brazilian, and Nicaragauan binder and filler.

“This is an amazing cigar! It reminds me of a creamy dark malty micro-brew. The blend continually intrigues me every time I smoke it. I think it’s our best cigar yet.” said Hoover.

For more information please visit

Reinado Cigars Grand Empire Reserve Cigar Review


A recent exchange with Antonio Lam brought me to the Reinado Cigars website in order to purchase some of these, as they’ve been tough for me to find. Another gift came from my good brother Matt Ross of the Cigar Federation. The subject of this review will be the box pressed robusto, which I purchased direct from the site. I didn’t buy enough…


The Reinado GER consists of a Nicaraguan select maduro wrapper, binder and filler both Nicaraguan.

Construction & Pre-Light;

The cigar is a beautifully presented box press. There were a one or two prominent veins and very slight wrapper seams. A sniff of the GER offers sweet notes, pepper, and wood. The foot gave more pepper and sweet notes that seemed a little more cocoa like.  A straight cut to the cap and the dry draw gave wood, pepper, and sweet notes.


The GER began with a wonderful mix of black pepper, light wood notes, and a sweetness that was creamy but also offered a cocoa sense to it. The first third stayed true to these flavors, the pepper being the dominant note throughout. At times the cocoa stood out a tad more yielding the more sweet dynamic but the pepper was always the most notable in this third.

The second third saw the pepper become milder and the cocoa sweetness played a more up front role. Notable as well was the wood notes which became deeper in the flavor profile. It was a really rich sensation that when mixed with the sweetness offered a wonderful creamy sensation then punctuated by the pepper giving it a nice zing.

The final third saw the pepper increase a bit but then settle to the more milder note from the second third. The wood notes were still deep yet the sweetness backed off a little. I also thought I picked up a note of leather in a couple of the cigars I smoked. Smoking this to the nub is a must, and a crime if not done so.

Draw, Burn, & Ash;

In a few of the cigars the draw was a little tough in the beginning but evened out. After that it was perfect. Plenty of smoke with not too much work.

The burn was superbly sharp. It was an absolute example of perfect burn.

The ash as well was firm and held for most of the cigar. Again superb.


The Reinado GER is one for the books. The complexity of this cigar is absolutely astounding. The flavors all play a role that makes the experience a flavorful and memorable one. I would love to see what some age does to these, although I’m sure I already have an idea. The only problem I see is being able to hold onto them long enough to age. There just too good to pass by. Try them my friends, you won’t be sorry. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan

The Greek’s Scales Of Justice

Final Score



La Sirena Cigars

La Sirena and Miami Cigar

Press Release



NEW YORK, NY – December 12, 2013- Following a successful three-year partnership with Miami Cigar & Company, La Sirena Cigars will become independently owned and operated by Arielle Ditkowich as of December 31st, 2013. Ditkowich will remain at the helm, continuing to produce new and exciting blend profiles. Arielle is excited for La Sirena’s continued growth and looks forward to 2014 projects, industry shows and travelling to retail events.


Ditkowich is extremely grateful for everything Nestor Miranda and the entire Miami team has taught her during their partnership and will always look at the Miranda family as an extension of her own. “Miami [Cigar & Company] saw the potential in me to create a boutique brand in a challenging business dominated by men. We worked tirelessly to create distinct blends that appeal to aficionados looking for something unique” Said Ditkowich.


Distribution of La Sirena and Merlion Cigars will remain under the Miami Cigar & Co. umbrella until December 31st, 2013. Starting January 1st, 2014 distribution will be handled by La Sirena. La Sirena Cigars will continue to work with the Garcia Family at My Father Cigars and Guillermo Leon at La Aurora Cigars to make the current Sirena and Merlion Blends respectively.


La Sirena Cigars will be announcing more exciting updates, find out first by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @lasirenacigars


La Sirena Cigars was founded in 2009 by Arielle Ditkowich in partnership with Nestor Miranda of Miami Cigar & Co. The La Sirena Original blend, available in six vitolas debuted in 2009 and is rolled in Nicaragua at My Father Cigar Factory. The brand followed up with its second release in 2012, The Merlion, created by La Aurora in the Dominican Republic with the medium bodied, full flavored smoker in mind. La Sirena brand cigars are distributed nationwide and available at over 300 retail stores.

Bodega Cigars Launch Event


New York, New York  – December 2, 2013 – Bodega Premium Blends (@Cigar_G @BodegaCigars) is excited to announce the official launch event of their signature line: Reunión. Reunión features two distinctive yet complementary blends: Aperitivo and Digestivo. It’s designed to give the cigar enthusiast two experiences in one box.


On Wednesday evening December 4th, 2013, the beautiful Nat Sherman Townhouse, on 42nd Street NYC, will be the venue for the official release of the Reunión 20 cigar count box containing 10 each of Aperitivo and Digestivo offered in three vitolas:


Toro 6 x 52

Double Robusto 5 x 54

Corona Gorda5.5 x 46


“With the launch event, we hope to re-create the true Reunión experience,” said chief Brand officer Ron Plante. “We want to share our brand philosophy and share our journey”.


Stephane Barjolin, co-founder and chief Relationship officer, added “We will be pairing the Aperitivo with some of our favorite spirits, then, after enjoying some food, we’ll get a chance to finish the night off with the Digestivo. We’ve also hired a barista to try our Reunión offerings with some of our favorite coffees.”


Gary Griffith, owner of House of Emilio, confirmed that Reunión will be landing at their warehouses during the second week of December and available at local brick and mortars before the holidays.


“As the ninth brand added to House of Emilio, Bodega Premium Blends finds itself in very good hands.” stated CEO Gino Domanico aka @Cigar_G. He added: “Gary’s business acumen is only surpassed by his task-oriented nature. Our distribution deal with House of Emilio let’s us focus on what we do best: blends, brands and promotion.”


G also confirmed that Reunión would be available online via Cigar Federation (


”We are also very proud to be launching Bodega’s official website on the same day as our launch event” reported chief Strategy officer and co-founder Rob Mariani.  The site ( will offer a ton of content related not only to everything Bodega but to the entire cigar lifestyle. “It truly cements our commitment to our brotherhood.  We want to engage people in a new way with fun, interactive tools and create a strong sense of community” added Mariani.


Bodega Premium Blends is a Boutique Brand focused on offering only Premium, hand rolled Cigars. Bodega Premium Blends is proud to invest in your life’s moments.


For further details please contact us at For any retail inquiries contact Nate McIntyre at House of Emilio

Follow us on Twitter: @BodegaCigars or @Cigar_G and ask for Reunión by name.