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Draig Cayuquero by Emilio Cigars Review

Draig CayuqueroI

It’s always fun when an original is followed by a sequel. Name a few of your favorites and apply accordingly. To date I’ve smoked many an Emilio cigar, and have yet to be disappointed. The Draig Cayuquero kept with this tradition.


As with most of Gary’s releases, and in addition to the story behind the first Draig K release, The Cayuquero also comes with its own tribute. From Gary’s facebook page; “There is a small town in the far western part of Pinar del Rio, Cuba, called El Cayuco. Some of the locals are known as “Cayuqueros” which translates loosely to “trouble makers”. One of these problem children is a dear friend, and in his honor I am announcing that this year’s Draig Limitado will be a joint effort with Noel Rojas.”

The Draig Cayuquero is presented in a wrapper of Brazilian Arapirica, binder and fillers being Nicaraguan.

Construction & Pre-light; 17/20

The Cayuquero has a toothy look and feel. A few veins were present and some visible wrapper seams. The cigar also seemed to have a sort of sheen to it, not oily, but a noticeable sheen. I don’t know how else to explain it. It felt packed well. A sniff of the cigar offered wood, spice, and some sweet notes. The foot also gave me some wood, spice, and sweetness. A straight cut to the cap and the dry draw was of wood, pepper, leather, and sweet notes.

Flavor; 19/20

The Cayuquero started out with a nice shot of pepper on the forefront. Along with the pepper were some solid wood notes and a hint of sweetness. I couldn’t pinpoint the sweetness as of yet but it was there adding a nice dynamic to the experience. Later in the first third the pepper notes yielded a bit and the flavor was more of a balance between the pepper, wood, and sweet notes which now seemed a bit more floral.

The second third saw the pepper decrease a tad more, now reserving itself to the back of the throat and on the retro hale. The floral sweetness was now more evident along with the wood notes. At times through the second third leather had a go at the profile.

The final third was as smooth and enjoyable as they come. The wood and floral notes were almost memories as the profile eased more towards the leather and pepper. At no time was the strength too much to handle and the cigar finished nicely cool and perfect to the nub.

Draw, Burn, & Ash;

The draw was splendid. I found no problems with it whatsoever. Each puff offered an ample amount of smoke. 20/20

The burn for the most part was great. there were times where it got wavy and I began to worry but it corrected itself without the need for lighter shots. 17/20

The ash was superb. Dark gray and strong. It held on till at least the halfway point. 20/20


The Empire Strikes Back comes to mind as a sequel to compare to this one. Granted some may not think so as the original Draig K was so different from the industry standard, yet this release has its uniqueness as well, putting it in good company with the original. I dare say I enjoyed the Cayuquer0 a little more than the K. Then again in my circles I’m known as a trouble maker as well. maybe that’s the appeal. All in all the cigar is a flavorful journey through the creative mind of its maker, and his cohorts. The House of Emilio continues to produce excellent blends and partnerships that should appeal to all smokers. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan

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Final Score;