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AFR -75 Cigar Review

AFR 75

I have to say that PDR Cigars has wowed me with these latest offerings, and I am grateful to them and Vikki for considering me and sending me samples to try. I can’t help but review all of them, being as the fact they’ve all been that good. I see these latest releases being enjoyed by many a cigar smoker.


The AFR-75 is made with a Mexican San Andres wrapper, undisclosed binder, and fillers of, Nicaraguan Crillo ’98, Connecticut broadleaf, and Dominican tobaccos.

Construction and Pre-Light; 17/20

The AFR-75 had a toothy look and feel. A couple prominent veins, yet pretty well hidden wrapper seams. The cigar felt well packed, offering no soft spots. The band was especially catchy. A sniff of the cigar offered up some chocolate goodness with a slight spice and earth. The foot gave much of the same. A straight cut to the cap and the dry draw was of dark chocolate, spice, and coffee notes.

Flavor; 17/20

The AFR-75 opened up with a beautiful medley of coffee and cocoa. These two prominent flavors were a the perfect accentuation to one another. Presenting itself was also a nice slight note of spice giving the cigar just the right tingle. The cocoa and coffee were the most prominent flavors for most of the cigar experience. At times these core flavors came together and formed a mocha/ creamy sensation that was extremely enjoyable. I’d venture to say that this  cigar is a good presentation of what a really good maduro should be. The second and final thirds didn’t really offer too much of a change in complexity, rather just a continual enjoyment of the core flavors of the cigar, at times leaning more towards the coffee, and then the cocoa, and of course vice/versa.

Draw, Burn, & Ash;

The draw was perfect, from beginning to end no issues, and plenty of flavorful smoke. 20/20

The burn was almost perfect. Somewhere in the second third I got a little uneven spots, but never too drastic. 17/20

The ash was superb. Strong with a salt and pepper look, and held on for a good length of the cigar. 20/20


I enjoyed this cigar very much. As I stated, I feel it is a great representation of a good maduro. As far as complexity goes, it doesn’t really offer much in transitions, but makes up for it with spectacular flavors that are a constant from beginning to end. The construction of the cigar is also a testament to the care put into these cigars. The draw, burn, and ash all offer the same compliment. I see a lot more of these in my future. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan

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A. Flores Gran Reserva Robusto Cigar Review

A. Flores

This cigar is the second I’ve decided to delve into after my recent shipment from the lovely Vikki of PDR CIgars. In reading a review by fellow brother Seth of Seth’s Humidor, my interest was piqued. It was time to take this beauty out and start a fire…


The A. Flores Gran Reserva are manufactured at PDR Cigars factory in the Dominican Republic. The cigar sports a Dominican Corojo 2006 wrapper, undisclosed binder, and fillers of Dominican Corojo and Nicaraguan Habano.

Construction & Pre-light; 18/20

The Gran Reserva was a well put together cigar. It felt packed well, with maybe one faint vein I detected. The wrapper seams were present, but hardly noticeable. A sniff of the cigar left me with sweet notes, spice, and coffee. The foot offered coffee, wood notes, and pepper. A straight cut to the cap and the dry draw gave sweet notes, wood, and pepper.

Flavor; 20/20

The cigar began with immediate notes of pepper, and cedar from the first few puffs. A little ways into the first third I began to detect some of the sweetness noted from the aroma. It took form as cocoa notes. Progression through the first third was a lovely journey of flavor that would change throughout the experience. The first third consisted of the pepper, cedar, cocoa, and at times, coffee was present.

The second third is where leather notes became more of a factor in my experience. The cedar and cocoa had backed off a tad, but the pepper was still a key player, especially through the nose. I didn’t note a great presence of coffee in the second third.  As the second third progressed the cedar became a little more prevalent once again. The combination of cedar, pepper, and leather at times seemed to take form in a creamy sensation. To this point the A. Flores Gran Reserva has been a flavor bomb, and extremely enjoyable.

The final third was a great finish to this tasteful journey. The leather and pepper were the primary notes, and at times the sweetness came through to offer an extra smoothness to the blend. Nubbing this cigar was not a problem, and felt like a crime not to!

Draw, Burn, & Ash

The draw was almost flawless. There were one or two spots that it got a little tight for me, but nothing that ever gave me a lot of trouble. 18/20

The burn was almost razor-sharp throughout the cigar. There was one spot, somewhere in the second third, that it got a tad wavy for me, but again, nothing that got out of hand. 17/20

The ash was exemplary. It remained tight and held on for much of the cigar.  20/20


I dare agree with my brother Seth in saying that this may be the best cigar PDR has released. It is an absolute flavor bomb from foot to nub. Put this together with splendid construction, great draw, burn, and ash and PDR has a home run of an offering here. I can see pairing this with coffee, a refreshing drink in the afternoon, or your favorite beverage in the evening. I for one am looking forward to purchasing at least a box. I would love to see what some age will do to these cigars as well, if it is even possible to let the sit for that long. I venture a guess and say that this will be on a few COTY lists this year. Hint Hint. Look for it my friends, I don’t think you’ll be sorry! As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan

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