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Nomad LE Esteli Lot 1386 Cigar Review


Nomad Esteli Lot 1386


Nomad is a name that has become well-known to many a cigar smoker. Fred Rewey  being as engaging as he is, and offering top-notch cigars, distributed by Emilio Cigars, is a recipe for success. I was unable to attend IPCPR where the 1386 was released but Fred was generous enough to send me a few. I gifted one to a fellow BOTL, and kept two for myself to smoke and review, kind of wish I kept all three…



The Nomad LE Esteli Lot 1386 sports the normal Ecuadorian Habano wrapper we’ve grown accustomed to from the original Nomad lines. The binder and filler however have moved from Dominican to both Nicaraguan.


Construction & Pre-Light; 18/20

The 1386 is a very well put together cigar, as I’ve noticed in all of the Nomads I’ve smoked. I noticed one prominent vein and no wrapper seams. The cigar felt superbly packed from foot to nub. A sniff gave some natural tobacco and earth. The foot gave a nice sense of spice and earth. Straight cut to the gorgeous cap and the dry draw was of earth, spice, and tobacco.


Flavor; 18/20

The 1386 opened up with some pepper and coffee notes. Throughout the first third I noted a nice amount of pepper especially on the retrohale. Also notable was a nice creamy note. The first third was a change from what I’ve noticed in other Nomads and very enjoyable at that.

The second third saw some earth and grassy notes introduced. The coffee was there yet not as prominent. The creamy notes stayed in play keeping a nice smooth feel on the palate. The retrohale still kept with the peppery feel.

The final third came back to the beginning of the cigar only with more pepper added to the mix. I noted a good amount of natural tobacco and pepper. It made for a strong finish, one that I didn’t expect but have become accustomed to with Nicaraguan blends. No problem nubbing this baby out.


Draw, Burn, & Ash;

The draw was perfect, no complaints at all. Nice ample smoke from beginning to end. 20/20

The burn was pretty good. a little wavy here and there, but corrected with no lighter assistance. 18/20

The ash was, as to be expected with a Nomad, superb. Strong and held on for a good amount of the first third into the second. 20/20



I went into this with high expectations, which at times I feel is not the correct course of action. However in this instance I was not let down. Having enjoyed Fred’s blends in the past, and being a Nicaraguan enthusiast, I couldn’t wait to smoke this cigar and am glad I had the chance. The 1386 is to be extremely limited, so if you have the chance DO NOT pass it up. I know that should I find more I will scoop them up without any thought. The Nomad LE Esteli Lot 1386 is a fabulous addition to the cigar industry, and in my humble opinion Fred’s best yet! As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan


The Greek’s Scale Of Justice;

Final Score;



















The House of Emilio adds Bodgea Premium Blends


Exciting news comes in the form of the House Of Emilio yet again adding another premium company to their ever-expanding profile. Bodega Premium Blends is now under the Emilio umbrella. Having “met” Gino on twitter, and knowing his passion for great cigars, I for one look forward to the release of what I can only speculate at this point, a great line. Read more of their story by clicking the link.

Be sure that as soon as the Greek smokes it, you’ll hear about it. Congrats to all involved, and here’s to another great addition to this fabulous industry!

From Bodega’s website;

Our Story

The four founders of Bodega Premium Blends weren’t born in Central America. Their blending pedigree stems from passion and vision, not birth right. Maybe it’s their busy family lives, or the harshness of their northern climate but the guys at BPB understand the value of time and the relevance of the cigar.

They’ve spent the last 2 years collaborating with key figures in the industry to bring you something unique. Whether it’s centered around one of life’s important occasions or a simple gathering, their quest is to capture the essence of the cigar experience – fellowship.

La Hoja Cigar to unveil Auténtico Maduro

La Hoja Cigar Co. to Unveil Auténtico Maduro at IPCPR 2013

LAS VEGAS, NV, July 8 2013—La Hoja Cigar Co., a revival of the famed Flor de Florez cigar company dating back five decades, is proud to announce the release of the Hoja de Flores Auténtico Maduro at IPCPR 2013. The new line follows on the heels of the immensely popular Hoja de Flores Black Label, unveiled in early 2013.

In an industry divided between the old traditionalists and the contemporary innovators, the Auténtico Maduro is a new boutique with an old soul. William Flores, President of Hoja de Flores, said, “we are proud to continue the tradition of quality and innovation which was exemplified by my father Carlos over fifty years ago.”

The new Auténtico Maduro is a Dominican puro that features a Corojo 2006 maduro wrapper. A blend of original piloto, ligero and seco Dominican fillers marry to create a smoke of exceptional strength, complexity, and smoothness.

The new blend will be featured in three box pressed vitolas: Torpedo (6-1/4 x 52), Double-Toro (6-1/4 x 54), and Goloso (6×60).

“There is a conception among some that only Nicaraguan tobacco packs the punch,” said J. Carlos Gomez, Executive VP. “The Auténtico Maduro is uniquely cured to deliver a taste that can rival any other in strength, but also deliver the complexity that made Dominican tobacco legendary.”

On its 50th anniversary, the legendary Flores lineage has achieved its ultimate pinnacle of flavor, body and aroma: the new Hoja de Flores cigar. The new cigar will be sold in boxes of 20 and at a suggested retail price of $12.00 per cigar.

About Hoja de Flores
Hoja de Flores, owned by William Flores, is a revival of Flor de Florez, the iconic company that led the cigar industry in the second half of the 20th century.

p: 1-877-711-4652
fax: 201-751-6449

Nomad To Launch S-307


Nomad To Launch S-307

Esteli, Nicaragua (July 1, 2013) – Nomad Cigar Company is pleased to announce a new fall Nicaraguan blend called the Nomad S-307.

The cigar scheduled to be released in September/October (2013) and will be made available to Nomad authorized retailers.

The final production is a box-pressed cigar with an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper called the Nomad S-307.

The cigar will be released in the following sizes and will be available for pre-purchase at IPCPR.

Toro (6×50)
Robusto (5×50) and
Torpedo (6 1/2 x 52)

“I am honored to have my first full production of a Nicaraguan cigar being blended and manufactured at Tabacalera Fernandez. The new blend is amazing and I am thrilled to expand the Nomad cigar line to include Nicaragua – in a really big way,” said Fred Rewey, Nomad Founder.

Nomad Cigar Company launched in 2012 with four sizes of classic hand rolled Dominican cigars and quickly grew the line to seven sizes; not to mention conquering social media (@Godfadr on Twitter).

In spring of 2013 Nomad created Esteli Lot 1386, Rewey’s first project in Nicaragua, available in limited edition 12 count boxes. Nomad’s next step is this full production of Nicaraguan cigars.

For sales Contact: Nathan McIntyre, National Sales Director, House of Emilio Cigars – 615-691-1654


Nomad Cigar Company

Fred Rewey

Twitter: @Godfadr

Ezra Zion Tantrum Cigar Review

By now the Ezra Zion lines are pretty familiar to cigar smokers all around. A fabulous boutique company, distributed by Emilio Cigars, Ezra Zion continues to assert its presence in the cigar business with great anticipation of future releases.

The Tantrum is a Prensado Pequeño, a smaller vitola which can be classified as a petit corona. The Tantrum sports a Nicaraguan Crillo wrapper, binder and fillers from Nicaragua.

Construction & Pre-light; 20/20
The cigar is a nice looking little stick. No veins present, with some noticeable wrapper seams. It feels packed well from foot to cap. It also has a nice sheen to it, feeling smooth yet not oily. Pre-light sniff served up some wood notes, accompanied with some slight cocoa. The foot gave me cocoa, wood notes, and pepper. Straight cut to the cap and the dry draw was of wood, cocoa, and spice.

The Tantrum opened up with a strong accent on the pepper. I didn’t find it to be overpowering, but definitely a nice spicy beginning. A few puffs into the cigar lightened the pepper blast and offered nice wood notes, which were cedar-like. The pepper was still a good part of the flavor profile making this little smoke a firecracker, again it wasn’t overpowering, just a nice kick.

The second third saw some nice evolution in the profile. In addition to the cedar and pepper, cocoa began to make its appearance. This added a nice sweetness to the Tantrum. The addition of the cocoa gave the cigar a nice new creamy dynamic. The cedar and cocoa were on the forefront, and the pepper following close behind. The Tantrum stayed up in strength, even with the addition of the cocoa, but stayed tolerable, and even more flavorful.

The final third was a nice finish to the Tantrum. The main players were the cedar and pepper. It was a nice full strength finish that again, never became overpowering. Smoking it to the nub was a must, and it was flavorful to the very end.

Draw, Burn, & Ash;

The draw was excellent. What should be noted here is the extraordinary amount of smoke that this little stick produced. It was never too much, but always ample. 20/20

The burn was good. In each of the Tantrums I smoked though, somewhere in the second third I experienced some slight tunneling, and some waviness. Nothing that a little shot from the lighter here and there didn’t correct, but you know me, The Greek doesn’t lie. 15/20/strong>

The ash was very strong in the first half of the cigar, and straight as they come. When the burn aspects began to present, of course the ash was affected but never too adversely. 18/20

It’s no secret that the folks over at Ezra Zion know their way around a cigar, and also are very engaging and extremely friendly. These factors, I think, make their brand that much more enticing. In a digital world, customer appreciation, and engagement bring more attention to you and what you’re offering. From a flavor standpoint, a customer standpoint, and just an all around people perspective, this brand has it all and then some. The Tantrum is a great addition to the line, offering a nice strong journey and enjoyment of pepper, cedar, and cocoa throughout this little firecracker. I should also note that production will be limited, so get your hands on them while you can. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all!! -Evan

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Final Score;