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Casa Miranda Chapter 2 Robusto Pre-Release Cigar Review (Updated 3/8/14)

Casa Miranda 2

Update: New Pic and Score implemented.

It’s the time of the year where companies from all over get together in a venue friendly to our cause, sharing their newest releases, swag, and from what I hear, some good partying. I won’t be able to attend unfortunately, but lucky for me Barry Stein of Miami Cigar Company was gracious enough to send me a surprise package including a few of the Casa Miranda Chapter 2 cigars to sample. Now I won’t feel too left out.

If you’re familiar with the Casa Miranda story, the first release was manufactured at the El Titan de Bronze in Miami. It sported an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, binder and filler from Nicaragua. The Chapter 2 takes a new direction. The wrapper now being a dark Nicaraguan Corojo, fillers from Nicaragua, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic. Click for the Press Release. The Chapter 2 will also have a change of venue as it will be manufactured at the My Father Cigars S.A in Esteli.

Construction & Pre-Light;
For this review I chose the Robusto. It was my favorite of the bunch. The cigar was a nice looking stick, a few veins and faintly visible wrapper seams. It felt packed extremely well, no soft spots to report. The pre-light sniff left me with notes of wood, earth, and a slight sweetness. The foot yielded wood, spice, and some coffee. A straight cut to the cap and the dry draw offered more wood, and coffee.

The Chapter 2 opened with a healthy dose of pepper and wood. Nothing at all overpowering but
just enough zing. The first few puffs of the cigar stayed the same, but later in the first third more flavors emerged. I began to notice some coffee introducing itself to the mix. I loved this beginning to the cigar. A bit into the first third the flavors were all playing tasteful roles, each seeming to carry a nice equal balance. The wood and coffee blended well with the pepper following suit in the back-end.
The second third brought a new dynamic in the addition of cocoa notes. The coffee had subsided a tad but still had a small place in the profile. Now the wood and cocoa were the primary players with the pepper again accenting each draw leaving a nice tingle on the throat. The pepper was a bit milder in this half but as I said still a nice accent. At times I picked up a hint of hay.

The final third continued with the lovely flavors of wood and pepper, and at times I thought I sensed the cocoa shooting in making a sneak appearance. Can’t wait to buy some of these after the release and see how accurate that is. The Chapter 2 was a definite nub finger burning worthy cigar, in my humble opinion, and I did exactly so.

Draw, Burn, & Ash;
The draw was fantastic, not too tight, not too loose, perfect.

The burn was of great quality. Almost razor-sharp especially in the second third and on. I gave it one touch up shot in the first third but after that, nada.

The ash held nice and strong, and was of a lighter gray color.

I have to say I’m really looking forward to this release. I think Miami Cigar Company has a home run with this baby. The Chapter 2 was like a sequel to a movie that ends up being favorited beyond the first. To throw a bit of my geekiness into the mix Miami Cigar has their own little “The Empire Strikes Back” going on with this release. I for one will be a definite box purchaser of this cigar. The flavors throughout were well-balanced, and the complexity was a treat. The wood, pepper, cocoa, and coffee all played noticeable roles in the evolution of this flavorful smoke. I dare say its one of the best Miami’s I’ve smoked. I will of course update this post should I notice anything different when I get to pick some up. I should also note that if you’ve not noticed in the press release, the price point is significantly lower than its predecessor, another nice point to the Chapter 2. Look for them when they come out, I don’t think you’ll be sorry. Again a big thanks to Barry for sending these!!!  As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan

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G.R. Tabacaleras announces the George Rico “American Puro” IPCPR 2013


G.R. Tabacaleras Co. Cigar Factory announces the release of George Rico S.T.K. Miami “American Puro”.

Miami, Florida, June 26, 2013 – G.R. Tabacaleras Co. Cigar Factory of Little Havana, announces the release of the George Rico Miami “American Puro” cigar.  This will be Rico’s first release from his new George Rico S.T.K. Miami line, made in his factory in Miami.   The “American Puro” is 100% all-American, boasting tobaccos from Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Kentucky, and manufactured in the U.S.A.  The American Puro cigar will come in a 4 3/4 x 52, 5 7/8 x 54, and a 5 5/8 x 46. MSRP prices will range from $8 to $9.00 a stick. 

G.R. Tabacaleras Co. is also manufacturer to the Barracuda from the S.T.K. Miami line of cigars created by George Rico and the G.A.R. Deli custom made-to-order cigars.  The Barracuda also comes in three sizes:  the Robusto 5 x 50, B-54 6 1/2 x 54, and Corona Gordas 5 5/8 x 46.  MSRP prices for the Barracuda run between $7.50 to $9.00.

The website for G.R. Tabacaleras Co. is currently under construction but will feature Rico’s retail and manufacturing operation in Miami’s Little Havana district, showcasing his S.T.K. Miami lines and merchandise.  The Coming Soon page is currently up and can direct you to social networking sites for more information about the factory at  The new Facebook page for the George Rico S.T.K. Miami lines is

G.R. Tabacaleras Co. in Miami, Florida opened its doors in January 2012.


Natasha Rico

G.R. Tabacaleras Unidas

1792 SW 8 Street, Miami, FL  33135


Leccia White 552 Cigar Review


Having recently enjoyed the Leccia Black extremely, I highly anticipated getting right into the other part of the lineup. The Leccia White. The release is exactly as one would imagine, Black and White, night and day.

The Leccia White is comprised of another unique blend. It sports an African Sun Grown wrapper, binder from Ecuador, and fillers of Nicaraguan Ligero, and Pennsylvania Seco.

Construction & Pre-Light; 17/20
The Leccia White was another beauty. The cigar felt well packed, no soft spots detectable. I found maybe one vein, and no wrapper seams. A sniff of the cigar served up some wood and earthy notes and a hint of sweetness. The foot offered the same wood and earth, with an addition of spice. A straight cut to the cap and the dry draw gave me cedar, spice, and the sweetness seemed a little more like coca.

Flavor; 19/20
The White began with an enjoyable burst of flavors. Cedar and pepper played the initial roles. The first third of the cigar stayed pretty much with this profile, and right before delving into the second third I noticed some of the cocoa flavor coming through adding a sweet note to the cigar. This added a lovely dimension to the White.
The second third eased in with the tasty notes of cedar, pepper, and cocoa playing well balanced roles making the cigar extremely enjoyable. Throughout most of the second third all flavors stayed in play and the Ligero was doing its part adding just the right kick to the cigar. Towards the end of the second third the cocoa began to ease out of the profile, accentuating once again the cedar and pepper.
The final third was a nice woody and peppery finish. By no means did I find it too strong, even as the Ligero once again was adding the right kick. The finish was a flavorful one forcing me once again to take the cigar as far as possible and enjoying every minute of it.

Draw, Burn& Ash;
The draw was perfect. It offered with each pull, a plentiful amount of delicious smoke, hitting the palate and leaving a lasting impression. 20/20

The burn was up there with the best of them. An almost razor-sharp line from foot to nub. 19/20

The ash as strong as they come holding well past an inch, and probably would’ve held on longer had I not tapped it into my tray. 19/20

I said in the Black review that should one enter or re-enter a business there is a way to do it. This debut line proves that Sam Leccia knows exactly how to do it. Not one, but two cigars, completely different, and both amazing cigars to smoke. Their unique blends are sure to attract many a smoker. The White was a fantastic journey of cedar, pepper, and cocoa, all playing dynamite roles, balancing to each other at just the right moments. It was truly an enjoyable experience, and I made the same mistake with these as well, only got a five pack. I’ll be logging on to Smoke Inn soon enough to procure a box of these beauties as well. I’d love to see what some age does to both. Bravo Sam and welcome back! As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan


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Leccia Black 552 Cigar Review

Leccia Black

Sam Leccia is a person not unfamiliar to many a cigar smoker. If you’ve followed him from his days at Oliva, you know also that he is no stranger to making blends that have an impact, something you don’t forget. His resurgence into the cigar business brings with it that special flare that I, personally have become accustomed to. I had the pleasure of meeting Sam a long while back at my local B&M, Old Havana Cigar Co., at an event where he was rolling cigars, handing out signed swag, and just simply hanging out with the whole crew. He had left an impression on me then, as a guy who knows his cigars, has faith in what he does, and quite simply is a great person, and this all shows in his work.


The Leccia Black is part of the “debut” line of Black and White, both as the name suggests, with different characteristics. For this review I went with the 552. The Black sports a Habano wrapper, Nicaraguan Rosado Binder, and fillers of, Nicaraguan Ligero, Dominican Ligero, Brazilian Viso, and Dark Fire which is fire-cured.

Construction & Pre-light;20/20

A beautiful cigar to look at, with minimal veins and no visible wrapper seams. The band is catchy as well, distinct with Sam’s signature. The cigar felt packed extremely well, and looking at the foot reveals the dark fire tobacco mixed in with the other fillers. Sniffing the cigar brings a wonderful array of flavor, with a predominance of the fire-cured notes reminding me of a campfire, or wood fired BBQ. The foot offered much of the same along with pepper notes. A straight cut to the cap and the dry draw offers pepper and fire-cured notes.


The Leccia Black is personally one of the more unique cigars I’ve had the pleasure to smoke. In sensing all of the unique attributes during inspection of the cigar, I was really excited to see what came into play. It all did. The first third greeted me with pepper notes, and the fire-cured tobacco front and center. Imagine a smoky BBQ taste, the smell of a wood-fired BBQ or as I’ve seen it put a campfire. These were the primary notes upon lighting and through the first third. I almost wished it were a cooler night when I’d smoked it. It gave me the feeling that smoking this on a brisk evening would leave one with the sensation of warmth, and enjoying the smell of a roaring fire, yet without the fire, as I was holding it in my hand. Don’t leave me yet, I’ll ease up on the sentimental aspect soon enough.

The second third saw the pepper mellow out slightly, and the fire-cured notes were there and still dominant. In the second third I noticed more of a natural tobacco coming thorough, offering a mellowing note, almost sweet but tangy. The natural tobacco, Dark Fire, and pepper were well-balanced and offered a beautifully unique profile.

The final third saw the pepper pretty much fade away, and I was left with the Dark Fire tobacco and natural tobacco to the absolute nub of the cigar. The balance between the two was something I didn’t expect. I figured the cigar would be a spice bomb towards the end, but on the contrary it was a strong fire-cured flavor with the natural tobacco offering a mellow accent, simply put, it was fantastic. Each time I’ve smoked one, I’ve taken it as far as possible, I just didn’t want to stop smoking.

Draw, Burn, & Ash;

The draw was flawless, great amount of smoke from each pull. 20/20

The burn as straight as they come, almost razor-sharp. 18/20

The ash was superbly strong and held steady. If memory serves I tapped only twice. 19/20


When a person either begins a new business or comes back to something they’ve been away from, you’d expect a dazzling aspect. Something that will make you remember, and want to come back for more. I find this the case in the Leccia Black. Its unique blend of fillers, gorgeous wrapper, and the bomb of flavors is one that you can’t forget. I for one am kind of kicking myself that I only ordered a five pack of these from Smoke Inn, a mistake I will be correcting soon. The Leccia Black left me anxious to try the White, and also hopeful for more great blends from Leccia Tobacco. If you’re someone who enjoys the mentioned flavors, I’d suggest grabbing some, I see these flying off the shelves. For me it has to be one of the most, if not the most, unique cigar experiences I’ve had to date. Definitely the most unique this year. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan

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Los Regalos Quetzal Toro by Emilio Cigars

Los Regalos Quetzal

I, as many others, have enjoyed the continued progression of the fine people at Emilio Cigars. If you’re familiar with Gary you know that aside from his passion for cigars, he is an avid birder, hence the story behind this line. The Quetzal being a bird from Mayan culture, held in highest esteem, and “Los Regalos” meaning the royals. Also, if you’re looking how to pronounce it, ask Gary, I have no clue.


The Los Regalos Quetzal details were to be a mystery as Gary loves keeping everyone guessing. After William Cooper first wrote up the cigar, Gary let the cat out of the bag. Review here; Cigar-Coop Los Regalos Queztal. So we now know that the Quetzal sports an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, and fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican.

Construction and Pre-Light; 17/20

The cigar was a fabulous looking one, one or two noticeable veins, and some wrapper seams. It felt packed well, no soft spots and brandishes a nice looking band featuring the name, company name, and a depiction of the Quetzal. Unique as usual. Smelling the cigar left me with notes of wood, earth, and sweetness. The foot offered much of the same. A straight cut and the dry draw was woody, sweet, and a soft spice.

Flavor; 18/20

While I noticed only one significant change in the cigar, it holds back no flavor. The first few puffs immediately gave me the notice of what would be the cigar’s core flavors of oak, pepper, and a slight cocoa note. In the first third the dominant flavors were of the oak, cocoa, and spice. The most notable of these were the oak and spice leaving the cocoa as a nice hint throughout the first third.

The second third kept up with the great flavors. In this third the cocoa diminished substantially and introduced a more floral note which became the more noticeable of the flavors. The oak being more of an accent and the pepper reserved for the finish.

The final third stayed with the profile formed in the second. The floral, oak, and pepper all playing roles. A very flavorful finish to a flavorful cigar. No trouble in nubbing.

Draw, Burn, & Ash;

The draw was fantastic, each pull offering a plentiful amount of smoke. 20/20

The burn was almost razor-sharp, some of the best I’ve seen. 19/20

The ash held strong, well past the inch mark only yielding to my tap into the ashtray. 19/20


I venture to say that this cigar is, if not the best, one of the best I’ve enjoyed in the ever-growing blends offered by Emilio Cigar. While the transition complexity wasn’t a big factor, the flavor more than made up for it. The oak, pepper, floral, and cocoa notes offered an extremely flavorful experience from beginning to end. This is one that I’m sure I will revisit often, and will grab a box for some aging as well. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all. -Evan


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262 Revere Corona Cigar Review



Lately I’ve been trying to catch up on some cigars that I’ve heard a lot about and have wanted to try. The 262 Revere is one of those, and I find myself trying to figure out what the hell took me so long. Oh yeah that thing they call work, going to have to do something about that.


262 cigars is the vision of Clint Aaron. Manufactured in the Plasencia  factory in Esteli the cigar is Nicaraguan all around. The wrapper is Nicaraguan Jalapa, the double binder Jalapa, and Esteli, and the fillers, Esteli, Condega, and Jalapa.

Construction & Pre-Light; 17/20

The cigar is a beautifully presented Corona with some oil, few veins, and barely visible wrapper seams. The sniff yields a nice amount of rich coffee, and spice. The foot gives off much of the same, as well as the dry draw.

Flavor; 17/20

The 262 Revere started off with a wonderful amount of rich coffee and spice notes. I’m usually excited by such a beginning, yet try to keep my emotions at bay in case of disappointment. Definitely not the case here. As the cigar progressed into the first third the coffee and spice notes stayed rich and delicious, accompanied by some great wood notes. Suffice it to say the first third had me intrigued.

The second third continued on with the flavors from the first. The addition in this third became some wonderful cocoa notes. The cocoa wasn’t what I’d call a “primary” note, yet added more intrigue to this already enjoyable smoke.

The final third, as no surprise, stayed flavorful. the dominant notes were the wood, which took on a more heavy cedar taste, and the spice. The finish was an absolute strong and flavorful one and by no means harsh. I found it hard not to take this all the way down to the nub. Excellence in tobacco by far.

Draw, Burn, & Ash;

The draw was positively spectacular from start to finish, each puff yielding a great amount of flavorful smoke, and producing a pleasing aroma. 20/20

The burn was fabulous as well. I only remember one extremely slight shot from my lighter needed. 18/20

The ash was firm, falling only at my command well past the inch mark. I only tapped twice. Outstanding. 20/20


The 262 Revere is one that will undoubtedly be a box purchase and find a front and center position in my rotation. I really can’t express how much I enjoyed this wonderfully, complex experience the Revere offered. The coffee, wood, spice, and cocoa,  made for an exceptional cigar from start to finish. For me it is one of those cigars that make you keep coming back for more, uniquely memorable. “Smoke the revolution” is displayed on the band, and it is without a doubt a revolution in flavor, construction, and simple enjoyment.   If you haven’t tried it I highly advise you do, I don’t think you’ll be sorry. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan


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Miami Cigar Company Announces The Casa Miranda Chapter 2

Casa Miranda2

Some exciting news out of Miami Cigar Company today, the announcement of the Casa Miranda Chapter Two which will be featured at IPCPR 13! Above is the Band that it will sport. Read more below…

 Miami, FL June 6th, 2013 – Everybody loves a good sequel, and the Casa Miranda Chapter 2 is
set to debut at IPCPR which is being held this year in Las Vegas, NV.
The follow up to the original which was made in Miami at the famed El Titan de Bronze, will be
made at My Father Cigars S.A in Esteli, Nicaragua.
According to Jason Wood; VP of Miami Cigar & Company, “Just like any great novel, our story
continues to gain momentum with the release of Chapter 2 at this years’ IPCPR. I look forward
to our consumer’s feedback on this medium bodied beauty!”
The tobacco used for this new chapter is a dark Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper with filler from Brazil,
Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.

It is available in the following sizes:
• Robusto (4.5 x 50) $6.35 MSRP
• Corona Gorda (6 x 46) $7.00 MSRP
• Toro (5.5 x 54) $ 7.60 MSRP
• Gran Toro (6 x 60) $8.00 MSRP

About Miami Cigar & Company
Miami Cigar & Company, founded in 1989, is the exclusive US distributor
of La Aurora brands. They are also the worldwide owner/distributor of
Tatiana, Don Lino, La Sirena and Nestor Miranda line of cigars. They can
found on the web at &

Herrera Esteli Lonsdale Cigar Review

Herrera Esteli

A recent visit to Total Tobacco gave me the chance to pick up some cigars that I’ve been waiting to try. The Herrera Esteli is one that I’m sure many know about. It is distributed by Drew Estate adding to their already fabulous repertoire.


The Herrera Esteli sports an Ecudorian Habano wrapper, Honduran binder, and not surprisingly Nicaraguan filler, from Esteli and Jalapa.

Construction and Pre-Light;

For this review I chose the Lonsdale vitola. A beautiful cigar to look at, total Cuban fashion. The cigar showed very minimal veins, maybe one, and barely visible wrapper seams. Smelling the cigar yielded a barnyard scent, along with sweet notes. The foot gave me some sweet notes, slight spice, and wood.


The cigar from a flavor standpoint was second to none. It started off with a slight spice, and a very generous amount of creamy notes that gave me a vanilla type taste. The wood notes took shape a ways into the first third, and the flavors of creamy vanilla and a very slight spice were going well together creating a fabulously sweet experience. Pun intended.

The second third brought some more interesting twists to this cigar. I began to get a taste of oak and cedar that developed from the end of the first into the second. At times I sensed a tad of leather as well, but just hints. The addition of the cedar and oak. along with the vanilla and slight spice turned this cigar into a more fabulous experience than it already was.

The final third was again such a great part of the cigar. The cedar, oak, and spice all stayed in play offering a fabulous finish to this complex and flavorful journey. No trouble nubbing this beauty!

Draw, Burn, & Ash;

The draw was perfect from start to finish, no complaints at all.

The burn was as beautiful as the whole experience of this cigar. Just about razor sharp for the duration.

The ash was excellent, held on for at least an inch at a time, and fell only on command.


There is no wonder that Drew Estate would get behind such a cigar. It is another addition to this fabulous company that should be a grand slam just as so many of their offerings. I think a box of these is most definitely in order, and can’t wait to see what age will bring. The creamy flavors combined with spice, cedar, oak, and leather provide an absolute complex and delicious smoking experience that is sure to leave one wanting more. It did for me. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan