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La Aurora 107 Maduro Robusto Cigar Review

La Aurora 107 Maduro

Recently the ever generous Barry from Miami Cigar Company sent me  few of these beautiful cigars to try out. Having enjoyed many La Aurora 107’s, I of course looked forward to the Maduro. Slated for formal release at IPCPR 2013 the 107 Maduro is available through members of the TAA for now, and a list of these folks is on Miami Cigars’ site.


Manufactured by La Aurora Cigars and distributed by Miami Cigar Company, this beauty of a cigar sports a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, binder a Dominican Corojo, and fillers from the Dominican and Nicaragua.

Construction & Pre-Light;

The La Aurora 107 Maduro felt well packed, showing few veins, and wrapper seams. The cigar gave me a nice semi sweet dark chocolate scent, almost like bakers chocolate. The foot gave more dark chocolate, a good whiff of spice. The dry draw was of coffee, wood, and spice.


The first few puffs yielded a good blast of spice that was also evident through the nose. Accompanying the spice was a nice amount of coffee and wood notes. A ways into the first third shows the spice settle making more of an appearance on the palate and through the nose. More evident now were the coffee notes now joined by a touch of coca. Together these notes formed a beautifully flavorful first third.

The second third continued with the lovely blend introduced towards the end of the first. Emphasis now felt to shift to the cocoa notes, right behind it being the coffee. The woods notes were still in play as well, yet felt more like hints of it here and there. The pepper still strong on the palate and thorough the nose.

The final third stayed true to flavor accentuating now the coca and wood notes. From the flavor standpoint the cigar finishes nice and strong, no harsh notes, just a nice flavorful full-bodied finish.

Draw, Burn, & Ash;

The draw was perfect from beginning to end. Each pull offered a perfect amount of flavorful smoke.

The burn was absolutely razor-sharp throughout my experience. Well constructed without a doubt.

The ash held pretty firm. It was of a darker gray and each time held to the first band for me.


If you’re a fan of the many great offerings from La Aurora, and Miami Cigars, this experience will undoubtedly keep you as a fan. The La Aurora 107 Maduro was an absolute delectation in flavors and strength from foot to nub. The pepper, cocoa, wood, and coffee all offer a wonderful blend of a cigar that commands your attention and enjoyment. I’m looking forward to a box purchase of these and would love to see what some age will bring to the table. Try them, you won’t be sorry!

The Cigar Clip Accessory Review

Cigar Clip2

Recently I received a nice little mail drop from the lovely folks over at I was lucky to receive two of their lovely accessory, one for me and one for a lucky person to be announced through my latest giveaway.

So, in smoking cigars there are always those that demand extra special attention. You know the ones I mean. The type of cigar that is so good where even the nub desires to be smoked to your lips, charring them and your fingers as well. As welcome as these burns may be, we’ve all busted out the trusty toothpick or any other useful tool. Here’s the answer to that. THE CIGAR CLIP. Seriously I’m loving this. I smoked a Lonsdale vitola cigar and the cigar clip helped me finish it to the full sparing my fingertips, my lips, that’s another story. The cigar clip opens and closes with ease to fit just about any size cigar you wish to smoke to the absolute nub.

Cigar Clip

The cigar clips opens for larger ring gauges, and the pinchers can be pushed together for those lovely Lanceros. If you’ve not had the chance and this type of accessory appeals to you, look no further. It is a great sturdy feeling product that comes with a nice little sheath and will take little to no room in your pocket. The price point is more than fair as well as I’ve seen it listed for $10.00. Not too many cigar accessories that carry that low price tag. Check it out friends, its a keeper for me, and soon for someone else as well. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan