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Ortega Cigars The Wild Bunch Iron Mike I-Beam Cigar Review

Iron Mike

If you’re a fan of Eddie Ortega this cigar will keep you as such, that’s it, end review. Ha, kidding, can’t leave this one without talking it up of course, you know how the Greek rolls.


The Ortega Wild bunch is manufactured in the My Fathers factory in Nicaragua. The wrapper is a Nicaraguan Habano Oscuro, the filler and binder both Nicaraguan.

Construction & Pre-light;

The Iron Mike has an attractive coffee bean colored wrapper. A few veins and wrapper seams were visible, and the cigar felt packed beautifully with no soft spots. The cigar had a nice earthy and  wood smell to it.  A sniff to the foot gave some wood notes, coffee, and spice. Straight cut to the cap and the dry draw gave spice, wood, and earth.


The cigar opened up with a generous offering of wood notes, along with a nice pepper kick. Progression into the Iron Mike begins to offer some earthy tones as well, and a slight introduction of coffee. Retrohale gives some more emphasis to the pepper. A bit into the first third I expected things to amp up a bit, as I’m used to from the Ortega lines, and they do.

The second third didn’t disappoint. The coffee notes took on more of a front and center position, yielding only to the pepper which was still, very much in play. The earth and wood stayed as well but, as I said, more attention stayed with the coffee and pepper. Deeper into the second third I began to get a sense of some nutty flavors as well. The cigar to this point was a tasty offering in complexity and strength.

The final third saw the earth almost vanish. The coffee, and wood were the main players with nut flavors here and there. The pepper of course maintained its presence as I’d expected it would. Another full-bodied beauty from Eddie Ortega, and a tasty one at that. Nubbing was essential!

Draw, Burn, & Ash;

The draw, perfect from start to finish.

The burn, something of beauty, pretty much razor-sharp all the way through.

The ash, firm, holding on at first for a good majority of the cigar.


I’ve enjoyed the naturals and maduros that have come from the Ortega lines, which had me looking forward to this limited release of cigars, and rightfully so. The Iron Mike was an absolute pleasure to smoke, offering strength and complexity that I personally feel is a feat in itself. So many cigars can’t balance strength and flavor without sacrificing one or the other.  This cigar is a testament that just that can be done, strength and flavor in a perfect balance. Should I be lucky enough to find a box of these, I will not hesitate. Remember they are limited release, so if you haven’t already don’t allow yourself to pass these by. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan