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Asylum 13 Cigar Reveiw

Asylum 13

Today I review a cigar that is fairly new to me, the Asylum 13 6X60. I had recently seen a lot of chatter on the internet and decided it was time to give them a try.

Construction and Pre-Light;

This big bad beauty had a nice packed feel to it, no soft spots. Just a few veins were noticeable and a nice oil sheen to it. A sniff gave me some cocoa, more to the dark chocolate end, spice, and barnyard sense. The foot gave more dark chocolate, earth, and spice. A straight cut to the cap and the dry draw offered earth, spice, wood notes and chocolate.


The initial puffs on the Asylum gave me a nice judo chop to the palate of red pepper. It was definitely a good blast of it, but not overpowering, I would however suggest a drink on hand. The pepper was dominant for a good bit into the first third, and then gave way to a great note of dark chocolate, and minor earthy tones. The chocolate however was such a great addition, it took the profile into a creamy finish with the pepper still strong but at the end of things.

The second third carried in the chocolate profile and added some coffee to the blend. At this point the finish was even smoother and creamier. The pepper dwindled down a good amount in this part of the cigar. The earth notes were still in play, but a little on the softer end of things.

The final third brought that pepper back but not in a harsh way at all. The chocolate and coffee faded a bit and gave more presence to the earth tones of the cigar. It was a flavorful finish indeed and I’d put this baby at full strength.

Draw, Burn, Ash;

The draw from foot to nub was effortless and offered the perfect amount of smoke from puff to puff.

The burn was almost perfect, touched up once, but no surprise to me with the size of this cigar.

The ash was solid, a salt and pepper gray, that held strong. I tapped three times with this cigar.


A solid offering from CLE Cigars. Definitely a full strength beauty that you should enjoy with a beverage. I would definitely recommend trying them out. I also believe I’ve read that the smaller vitolas are a little more mild in the pepper, so if you’d rather that, there is a choice. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan

Emilio Cigars enters agreement with Nomad Cigar Company

Emilio1-580x321 Nomad-CS-300x135

You heard it right! Two of the most dynamic and colorful characters of the industry have entered a distribution agreement. Here’s the link to Gary’s blog.

Personally I have enjoyed offerings from both companies and look forward to their partnership together. Emilio Cigars had a great 2012 and 2013 seems to be just as promising. I have had the pleasure of communicating with both of these guys, as well as enjoying their cigars. Along with great products, these two are of the most colorful gents in the business and what better to go along with a great product than great personalities. Congrats to both companies and can’t wait for more to come. As always thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan

2012 The Smoking Greek’s Beginning

Welcome 2013

I would first like to extend to all of you my thanks. I had been kicking around the idea of doing this site for a while, and finally said hey why not. My goal with it is to share with you my experiences with the cigars I enjoy. I also have been fortunate to form relationships that otherwise I may never have, and that I hope will last a long time.

Along with the creation of The Smoking Greek, the great response it’s received, relationships formed, and cigars smoked, 2012 brought me the best blessing I’ve received yet, my son. I’ve been blessed in so many ways this past year and couldn’t be more grateful.

I hope that in the years to come I’m able to maintain this site and continue to share with you my experiences. At the end of the day you are the most important part of this site, without you, there would be no point to it. I’ve added a new format to my reviews that I think you’ll like. I had been kicking that idea around as well until a conversation with Russ Page of convinced me it was a good idea. Please let me know what you think.

In conclusion, I want to extend to all of you, your families, and loved ones, a HAPPY, HEALTHY, and PROSPEROUS New Year! I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart, and look forward to another year of great cigars, camaraderie, and all the general fun that is the life of the leaf. Please always feel free to comment, or suggest at anytime, I love hearing from you! As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan

Añoranzas Robusto Cigar Review

Añoranzas Robusto

The Añoranzas by Miami Cigar is one that I have been looking to try for a while now. My lovely wife presented me with a gift card to for Christmas, and since my local B&M doesn’t have them in stock yet, I was excited to order a few. Añoranzas is Spanish for longing, or yearning, and what a great name for a cigar.

Construction & Pre-light;

The soft box pressed cigar had a grainy feel and look to it. There was slight oil present on the wrapper. Few veins were visible, and wrapper seams slightly detectable. A pre-light sniff was of wood notes and nuts. The foot gave some hay, wood notes, and pepper. A straight cut to the cap offered wood, pepper, and nuts.


The cigar opened up with a nice amount of pepper at the forefront. The nutty and wood notes were a tad faint in the first few puffs. A little into the first third the pepper began to move to the finish. The wood evolved into a cedar flavor. The nutty notes were the most prominent along with the pepper.

The second third of the cigar, for me, pretty much stuck with the flavors introduced in the first third. At times the cedar seemed to be a more dominant presence leaving the nutty notes a little faint, and the pepper still in the finish.

The final third amped up the pepper a bit, but never anything too strong. The nuts were pretty much a memory at this point. I did get a good amount of cedar in the final third. The cigar wasn’t a problem to smoke to the nub, stayed cool and enjoyable. The nub was a little soft at the end, but never anything that became problematic.

Draw, Burn, Ash;

The draw of the Añoranzas was perfect from beginning to end. Each puff produced an ample amount of smoke, that I hardly had to work for.

The burn was good, a bit wavy at times through the first third. In the second third the burn got better, not perfect but was a lot less wavy than the beginning.

The ash in the first third was a little weak, and fell earlier than I’d hoped. However after that first experience the ash was strong and didn’t fall until I tapped it off. The color was a darker gray.


I had to wait a while to try the Añoranzas and was glad that I finally got the chance. I have a couple more stashed away and am interested on how they will age. I see this cigar becoming a routine smoke for me. The flavors were solid and the cigar delivered from foot to nub. If you have the chance I’d recommend giving it a smoke, and I also believe it will be a nice pair with a good scotch. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan