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Review Rodrigo Cigars La Fortaleza Cinco

I’ve seen this line mentioned many times and was lucky enough to pick one up from Total Tobacco. The press I’ve read had been positive so I hoped that my taste buds were going to agree with what I’ve read. The cigar is by George Rodriguez and distributed by Emilio Cigars.

The construction was absolutely beautiful. A Habano Oscuro that had a reddish tint. The cigar was packed well and felt strong in the hand. A few veins and some slight oil. The pre light sniff gave me some wood notes, a slight spice, and a sweetness. The foot offered woods, spice, and again the sweetness. A straight cut to the pigtail cap and the dry draw offered woods, leather, an spice. Now to begin…

The first few puffs were slightly medium in strength, giving a good amount of smoke. The flavors were a little faint at first but that didn’t last. Into the first third and the flavors almost jumped out. The woods, and sweet notes were dominant. Through the nose puts more emphasis on the spice that also lingers on the throat. The smoke was now very ample and aromatic. The burn of the cigar was almost perfect, nothing that required extra attention. The ash was a salt and pepper color, a little on the darker side and very firm.  So far so good.

The second third is where this cigar really began to shine. The strength of the smoke had gone to almost full. The flavors of wood and sweetness were now joined by some leather. All balanced together very well and formed a strong profile but not overpowering. The spice now had a more pepper feel to it reserved on the palate and leaving a tingly warm sensation. The burn stayed pretty much the same. I figured that a touch up would be in order soon but the cigar quickly corrected that itself. The ash was a good as before and only fell off at my command. This turned into a powerful smoke quickly.

The final third stayed relatively strong. The woods subsided a little and more emphasis on the leather. The spice stayed a good player in the profile. The burn was still good, becoming the same strong ash I’d become happy with during this smoke. Taking this to the nub was almost challenging. A lot of water went along with this baby.

This cigar was a pleasant first ride. The flavors and strength all made it an extremely enjoyable smoke from start to finish. Also the affordability should be mentioned, at 7.25 it’s a steal, and definitely a box worthy smoke.

As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan

Review La Aurora 107 Toro

A cigar company that has such rich history behind it. The La Aurora factory has been around for over a century, this to me suggests that the company knows what they are doing and have proven time and time again that they still do. This cigar, in my humble opinion, is a testament to a company that has solidified its place in the industry and will continue to do so. Miami Cigar Co. distributes this brand. Picked this one up at Total Tobacco.

The construction of the cigar is beautiful. A slightly dark brown wrapper, with minimal to no veins, a bit of oil, and packed extremely well. A sniff reveals cedar, spices, and a floral type aroma. The foot gave more cedar, spice, and the floral note. A straight cut to the cap and more cedar, spices, and some natural tobacco.

The first third began beautifully. The first few puffs introduced the cedar, natural tobacco as a hint, and a delicious zing of orange zest. In the background were the mild spices that tingled a bit but just the right amount to create a warm sensation on the palate. The smoke was plentiful. Burn was exceptional resulting in a dark gray ash that held extremely firm.

The second third gave the natural tobacco a little more emphasis. The cedar and orange were still ample in their presence. All flavors seemed to be a pleasing balance that kept this cigar tasting great. The spices were still reserved in the back with just enough dominance to keep the palate warm. The burn again stayed razor sharp and the ash as firm as before.

The final third stayed true to most of the flavors, creating a smooth finish.  The spice and orange seemed to become more hints here and there. The cedar stayed dominant. The burn was perfect throughout the cigar. Staying cool from foot to nub there was no problem smoking this to the last puff.

An absolute delight from start to finish, I have no problem suggesting a box purchase. It’s another one of those cigars you can always turn to and know that the time you spend with it will be time well spent. Also I should note you do need some time for this cigar. Yes, cigars take time, but this one is a beautiful burn that commands some time, and forces you to relax and enjoy the ride. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan


Review Tatuaje Cojonu 2006

I know this one has been out for a bit, yet I love reaching into my humidor and retrieving something I’ve enjoyed and revisiting it, and reviewing it. Purchased at Total Tobacco, Newtown Sqaure.  Read on and enjoy…

The construction of the cigar was pretty good. Dark brown wrapper with a few veins and some slight oil. The pre light sniff was interesting offering, coffee, a good sense of earth, and some spices. The foot gave more spice, earth, coffee, and cocoa. A straight cut to the cap and on the dry draw I’m greeted with earth, cocoa, a hint of leather, and spices. It was very tantalizing at this point, toast it, smoke it…

The first third was a surprise to me. I expected to be blasted with pepper from the git go, I was wrong. Instead I was greeted with earth, cocoa, a hint of what seemed to be clove, and a mild pepper spice on the back end, and ended with a creamy feel.  Throughout the first third these flavors created a delicious taste accompanied by plenty of aromatic smoke. The burn was a little wavy at times, but nothing that required touching up at this point. The draw was perfect.  The cigar was proving to be as tantalizing as I’d hoped.

The second third was another great treat for my palate. The earth, and cocoa stayed the dominant flavors. The clove seemed to give way to a new flavor which I can only best describe as peanut butter. This combined with the spice at the finish created an even creamier sense. At times I also detected a small hint of leather. The burn was a little better than before and the draw stayed perfect. The complexity of this cigar has been an absolute joy through the first and second third.

The final third of this smoke proved as good as the rest. The spice subsided a bit leaving the cigar to be smooth and tasteful. The clove came back into play a bit as hints here and there. the same can be said for the peanut butter, not dominant, but a nice hint of it here and there. I gave the cigar a touch up at the beginning of the final third and again in the middle of it.  The leather became more of a player in the final third, along with the earth and coca. Taking this cigar as close to my lips as possible was no problem. The only problem was I had to part with it, for now…

A complex cigar as this proved to be, is one that I love to have sitting in my humidor either just for me, or for company that I want to treat to a beautiful smoke. Purchasing a box of these will not be a mistake. It’s the kind of smoke that can be enjoyed over and over. Bravo Mr. Johnson. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan

Review Pinolero Robusto By A.J. Fernandez

This year has been a great one for fantastic blends. Enjoying the San Lotano line led me to have great expectations for this cigar. After a recent shipment to Old Havana Cigar Co. I finally had the chance to give it a try.

Inspection of the cigar  reveals a well put together smoke. Few veins were visible, and the light brown wrapper had some oil present. The pre light sniff gave sweet notes, maybe honey, grass and tobacco. The foot offered some earthy tones and spices. With a straight cut to the cap, the dry draw left me with earth, leather and spice.

The first third began as a great experience. The first and foremost flavor for me was pepper. It was the dominant note for me in the first few puffs with traces of earth and honey that were very subtle to begin. Further into the first third and the pepper gives way a bit to allow the earth, and honey balance into the profile. Each puff produces a rich creamy amount of smoke. The draw is one that requires no extra pull but just enough to please the palate. The burn line is perfect revealing a light grey ash that holds firm past an inch.

The second third gave a little more emphasis on the honey and earth. The pepper is still present but reserved for the end of each puff coating the back of the throat. A little more into the second third sees the honey begin to fade and leave the earth and pepper as the dominant flavors. The burn and draw have stayed perfect thus far. The smoke was still leaving that creamy sensation that was rather enjoyable.

The final third was a complete transition. The pepper faded away along with the honey and creaminess.  The reserved flavors were now earth and a new addition of leather. The transition went smoothly taking and adding flavors in a perfect balance. The cigar stayed cool down to the nub.

Another great blend by A.J. Fernandez. Adding this to his many hits certainly adds another great smoke to his portfolio. I’ll definitely be picking a few up to pop in the humidor. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all!

Review CAO Concert Solo

As a guitar enthusiast you can pretty much figure why this band is an attractive one to me. I had been waiting to try this cigar not only because of the beautiful band but also because I had heard great things about the smoke. When they arrived at Old Havana Cigar Co. I made my purchase quickly.

The construction of this cigar was flawless, I could find no imperfections to speak of. The cigar was packed well, had slight oil on the wrapper, and minimal veins. Pre light offered some wood notes, hay, and a hint of barnyard to it. The foot gave woods, spices, and barnyard. Straight cut to the cap and the dry draw gave woods, spices, and more of the barnyard.

The first third was a beauty. The cigar had a little bit of tighter draw to it, but changed quickly to a nice easy draw producing a good amount of flavorful smoke. I detected the woods, spices and hay blending beautifully together. The burn was razor sharp creating a light salt and pepper ash which was extremely firm. At this point the cigar has been worth the wait.

The second third brought the spice more into play, hitting the back of my throat towards the backend. The flavors continued their tasty medley. The burn stayed sharp as before and the smoke continued to be plentiful and aromatic.

The final third saw the spice all but diminish. It was a return of focus to the wonderful flavors the cigar began with. The woods became the predominant flavor. I also felt that I may have detected a slight touch of leather. I’ll have to convince myself to smoke another to see if I’m correct.  The cigar stayed cool to the nub and it was hard to say goodbye.

CAO hit a homerun with these smokes. I’m definitely in the market for a box when I have some extra cash. I’m really excited to see what happens to these with some age. Go grab some or a box, you won’t be sorry! As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan

Review E.P. Carrillo Inch Maduro #60

I think that I was one of many E.P. Carrillo fans that couldn’t wait to give this line a try. When I finally received my order from in the mail my anticipation heightened. The mere size of this cigar is something that needs to be mentioned. Big smoke! Going to try one? Set aside some time to smoke it, you’ll need it.

Construction shows a dark wrapper that is a bit toothy. Veins are present but not over the top. The wrapper was a bit toothy, and some oil present. Pre light offered up some cocoa and woodsy notes. The foot gave some more cocoa, woods, and a bit of spice. A cut to the cap which was interesting as none of my cutters fit perfectly, and the dry draw offers cocoa, woods, spice, and coffee.

The first third began pretty well. Puffing on the cigar produced an excellent amount of beautifully aromatic smoke. The burn started out a little wavy. Notes of cocoa, coffee, and woods were the prominent flavors. In the back end was the spice. The  flavors blended well together and the cigar was hitting the more medium- full body. The burn did require a few touch ups. I’d say this maybe a product of the size of the cigar or I should’ve allowed the cigar to age a little more. This didn’t affect the enjoyment of this smoke for me I must point out.

The second third saw a small evolution in that the spice subsided a bit yet stayed in play. The cocoa, woods, and coffee were still at the forefront. At this point the burn has become a little tighter which was a delight. Plenty of smoke being produced still and the smoke has stayed cool.

The final third didn’t give too much different. Really not a lot to report. The smoke stayed cool to the nub and finished with the flavors all still in the profile.

I enjoyed this smoke and will wait a bit to try the natural. I’d like to see if a little age helps the burn at all. If you’re looking for a solid smoke that offers delicious flavors but not too much evolution you’ll without a doubt enjoy this one. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan