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Nording Robusto by Rocky Patel

To begin I hope that everyone had a safe, happy, and cigar filled weekend! Aside from the usual days of labor I did manage to sneak in a smoke or two, or three, or four. The Nording by Rocky Patel was one of them and the subject of this review. I have to thank Time Kime from Old Havana Cigar Co. for turning me on to this line. I attended an event that featured this line, along with the pre-release of the Erik Nording 50th anniversary also by Rocky Patel. After smoking the 50th I purchased a box of the Robustos being that I was so impressed. See my review of the pre-release as well. Now for the Robusto.

Inspecting the cigar revealed a well put together smoke. Minimal veins, no soft spots and slight oils present. The foot contained a little spice along with some earthy notes. The pre light draw offered much of the same minus the spice and a hint of sweetness. A cut to the cap and here we go.

The first few puffs yield the spice I noticed. Along with it is some earth and coffee flavor. Into the first third and the spice subsides a little, and focuses more on the coffee flavor along with a roasted nut taste at the forefront. The flavors are wonderfully blended and begin the experience with delight. The burn is near perfect and the ash is sturdy and a light gray. The cigar from the start has produced a nice amount of aromatic smoke. So far so good. Medium body thus far.

The second third sees the spice almost gone save a few hints here and there. The big focus now is the coffee and nutty flavors. There is also a little earth there but more focus on the former mentioned. The cigar is still burning very well at a very comfortable temperature. The ash holds on for at least an inch to an inch and a half.

The final third brings back the pepper slightly at the finish. The coffee and nutty flavor seemed to trade places, more emphasis on the coffee saving the nutty flavor in the background. The earthiness was also a little more amped up providing a nice long finish with the spice as well. Another nub for the tray today.

All in all I really enjoyed this cigar and am glad I made the decision to purchase a box. A little bit of age and I think this already wonderful smoke will be dynamite. Personally I think that this smoke is one that flies under the radar but is a great smoke for the afternoon or evening. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan