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HC Xikar Habano Colorado Review

Today I decided on a nice little drive home treat, celebrating the fact that I decided to leave early for once. So, I stopped by my favorite place and grabbed an HC Series Xikar Colorado. I haven’t had one in a while and I love my lighters and cutters from Xikar so why not a good smoke from them as well.

As with their tools the cigars don’t disappoint. The pre light draw is perfect, and the construction of the stick is firm and gorgeous. Lighting up this beauty is an absolute delight. The flavors are rich and delicious. I’m getting a nice blend of pepper, dark chocolate, earth, and in the finish a slight sense of leather. The burn is fantastically even, with a dark grey ash. The ash itself looks firm and holds pretty well to maybe a little over an inch. Given the fact that I was in my car I’m almost certain it will hold a lot longer than I let it. I’d say this is a medium body thus far.

The second third of this cigar seems to stay within the initial flavor profile, except the fact that the pepper seems to lighten up a little, and the leather is a lot more present in the finish. The burn is still exceptional and the cigar keeps a nice even temperature. The smoke produced from the beginning has stayed ample and sweet.

The final third brings some more leather into play and the pepper spice seems to have faded completely.   The cigars feels a tad bit warmer now, but nothing that is bothering me smoking this to the nub. All in all I’d say the cigar lives up to expectations one would have from using Xikar’s excellent tools. They, in my humble opinion, made a smart move taking themselves into the next level of the cigar industry back in 2008. Pick up a few, you won’t be sorry! As always I thank you for taking time to read and long ashes to all!

Erik Nording 50th Anniversary Review

Last night I had the chance to try the Erik Nording 50th anniversary by Rocky Patel during the event at Old Havana Cigar Co. Along with the chance to sample this cigar before it’s release in October, I also had the privilege of meeting Erik Nording. I must include how great it was to meet the man. He is definitely one of the coolest guys I’ve met. Besides the fun that is always a part of an event at Old Havana, we were treated to some cool stories from Mr. Nording during the event. Along with discussions about pipes, he showed us at one point a folder containing some pictures of hunting and fishing trophies dating back to the 70’s.

Now for the cigar. A beautifully constructed Toro Grande. Once lit it produced a generous amount of smoke. My first tasting impressions were a nutty flavor accompanied with a sweet coffee taste, and a nice spice. The first third of the cigar seemed to burn at a pretty quick rate, and the draw stayed perfect throughout the cigar.
The second third pretty much seemed to stay the same to me. There seemed to be the beginning tastes of a woody flavor. The draw, as I said, stayed easy still producing ample sweet smoke. The ash could’ve probably stayed on the stick a lot longer than I allowed it to, but I was standing out in the showroom with a few other guys and didn’t want to risk dropping some on the floor.
The final third stayed true with the other flavors, and I definitely did detect more of a woody flavor especially in the finish. I did enjoy this cigar very much. It is a medium to full bodied smoke, that will be available in October. If you know of any events and have the chance to attend, I’d suggest doing so, you won’t be sorry. I have another one of these in my humidor and might give it a chance to age a bit, and update if I see any change. As always thanks for reading, and long ashes to all!!!

Tools of the trade Xikar Review

Tools of the trade. 

First we’ll start with the Xikar Xi3 Carbon Fiber cutter. After about a year or more this cutter still goes through a cap like butter. The cut requires minimal strength and has been flawless for me every time. The looks of this cutter couple well with the feel of this baby slicing through your favorite stick. Well worth the $ and with the lifetime warranty from Xikar, I’m not sure how one could go wrong. Can’t wait to get my hands on their multi-tool cutter and give it a try and review.
The Lighter.
The EX windproof is a great feeling lighter. The sturdy construction gives a certain reassurance to all of those that understand at one point or another, it’s going to slip from our delicate grasp. A big plus for me personally is the adjustment wheel. It requires two tools, a thumb and index. Simple. Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of lighters out there, but am attracted to the ease of adjusting my flame level without having to scramble for a screwdriver. I also have always been partial to a nice single flame lighter for as long as I can remember. It may be he old fashioned side of me, but I just love the look and feel of a single flame fire. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with torches, especially is certain circumstances, but to each his own.
Well my fellow smokers, that’s it for me tonight. As always I thank you for reading, and long ashes to all!!!

La Sirena Prince

La Sirena Prince Review…

My first review will be of a cigar I’ve enjoyed for quite a while now, the La Sirena Prince by Miami Cigar Co. When introduced to this beauty one can’t help but notice that wrapper. I think it compliments the uniqueness of the La Sirena.
The first third greets you with a nice spice along with some welcomed earthy tones. the burn is nice and even, while the smoke that is produced is ample. The ash held steady for me for about an inch or so and fell into my tray with a nice light tap.
Second third welcomes the spice and earthy tones with a nice background of chocolatey flavor. The burn is still very even and the draw is almost effortless. Plenty of smoke and a good amount of flavor have kept true.
The final third seems to go back to the earthy tones and spice as the primary note. The chocolate is still there but a little more faint than in the second third. I also taste a little bitterness in the finish, but nothing that stops me from wanting to continue with this tasty stick.
Now into the nub the earth is strong and spice kicks in as well. I’m having trouble accepting the fact that I have to part with this cigar because I have thoroughly enjoyed it. This one gets a 9.5 out of ten on my scale. I would highly recommend it as an evening smoke to just sit back relax and enjoy the atmosphere of wherever you are. Thanks for reading, and long ashes to all. -Evan