13 for 2013 Giveaway

13 Giveaway

Welcome to the 13 for 2013 giveaway. This contest will be a bit different than what you may be used to. Usually giveaways are geared around followers and gaining more. While I’d love to have more followers I’d also like you to get to know me a little more. As the title of my site states, and through some banter between myself and fellow BOTL’s on twitter, I’m Greek. An American Greek. Yes I am proud of my heritage but I was born here in the USA and have always been proud of that fact. So, one would think that my site may have a Greek theme to it. The traditional colors of the Greek flag are blue and white, which you really won’t find on my site. However, the one color on my site, red, is still a homage to something Greek, that I am very passionate about.(no its not communism smart asses ;-)) I’d like you to tell me what that is. That’s right this one may not be as easy as you thought, but look at the spread. These are all great cigars and being that there are 13 of them, I thought maybe we should mix it up a bit. IMPORTANT; If you are Greek, please do not enter this contest, the answer is too easy for you, and please do not share the answer with anyone. Don’t worry this is not the last of my giveaways so if you feel left out, not to worry there will be more.


As I said, I would like you to tell me why the color red has significance to my Greek heritage. Post your guesses in the comment section of this post. DO NOT POST THE GUESSES ON TWITTER OR FACEBOOK. The guess is to be here in the comment section. If I see that it is getting too hard, I will drop hints. Good  luck to all, and thanks in advance for participating. As always thanks for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan

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  1. MattSRoss81

    Ancient Greeks associated red with the male principle, but also according to Greek folklore, one of the Apostles told a woman that Christ had risen. Not believing the Apostle, she glanced down at her apronful of eggs and said, “If these eggs turn red I will believe He is risen.” The red stems from that.

  2. Garry Cawthorn

    It is said that women brought white Easter eggs to Jesus on the cross and they miraculously turned red… or this could be why..

  3. The Casual Cigar

    I know from mythology classes that the color Red stand for fidelity and love and is symbolized the the Rose. I think Aphrodite also had something to do with a Red Rose. Probably way off but worth a shot!

  4. Cigar Surgeon

    Well, I know some Greek brides wear red veils as a part of wedding tradition.

    But I’m assuming it’s from the mythology of Adonis who was killed by a wild boar. His blood turned roses red.

    Or maybe the red easter eggs symbolizing Christ’s blood?

    Or maybe you’re looking for the simple answer; the Greek amaranth flower which is red a flower believed to grow on Mount Olympus and never die.

  5. MattSRoss81

    You were in TKE (or similar fraternity) in college and the fraternity colors of Tau Kappa Epsilon (or similar) are Red & Black?

  6. cryptical33

    On March 1st, it is customary for mothers to braid bracelets for their children. These bracelets are called ‘Martis’. They are made of red and white string and are tied onto the wrists of the children.

  7. Tyler Herrmann

    Easter Sunday is the biggest
    church holiday in Greece.
    After Church families usually
    gather for a festive lunch.
    Red eggs are cracked
    against each other and the
    person with the last
    remaining uncracked egg will
    have good luck.

      1. Patrick

        haha hilarious, sports had just dawned on me. And me thinking soccer and then rugby for some reason and then my friend Google came into play

  8. Garry Cawthorn

    congrats guys!! atleast i won some knowledge…lol’ Learn alot about greek in the last hour then i have in my whole life…

  9. Chris Davidson

    Did you by chance ever visit the famous beaches in greece..known for its red sands…

    Santorini Beaches: Red Beach beach in Santorini Greece

  10. Josh mccoy

    Is it significant to you because of the Easter celebration in the Greek culture? I know the women dye eggs red and I believe it ia considered the most important holiday.

  11. Ryan R

    The greeks were especially fond of red lead. It was used to die things red, create red in paintings, sculptures etc because of the meaning red had at the time. See all the above post about love, sacrifice, blood of christ, etc.

    During the holiday seasons the Romans would were togas with red stripes. The gladiator statues all had red skin. The army was associated with red – red tunics, red cloaks for officers, etc – this is because Mars was associated with red. And, when a general was received his award for triumph he would have his entire body painted in red in honor of his achievement.

    Lastly, the vexilloid of the Roman Empire had a red background with the letters SPQR in gold.

    I’m guessing the vexilloid or the war thing.


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